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do I exist? Do you exist? Maybe neither of us exist, but instead simply are. crackers.

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Minecraft's scaring me with deaf sounds O-O; · 11:20pm Apr 3rd, 2016

I'm checking out the elytra and was looking for the end portal (cuz I made one and it didn't work) and I saw that in my subtitles sound thingy it said a minecraft was rolling.
I was a little confuzzled.
Mineshafts have rails, but unless the update added moving carts (which I believe it did not say anything about adding them).
So I went into spectator mode and checked around under where I was standing.
Turns out; there was a mineshaft under me.

The sound came on every so often (apparently. I couldn't hear it but it said it was)
I went the direction and all around the area of where it should have been.
And nupe.
No minecart. Not one.
And the thing is, the sound came on every so often, no matter how close I got, it never stayed on- which is frankly quite odd.

And then I saw in the sound captions that it said "Block broken".
I was too far underground for it to be sheep eating grass (if they added sound for that) and I'm on peaceful mode.
Not to mention I myself am in Spectator mode so I can't break anything. The only mobs underground are bats.

So who broke the block!?
I'm so confoozed right now! There's no minecart but the sound keeps coming on (er, saying it's coming on in an area) and then a block breaks when nothing should be able to break it!

Seriously tho plez tell me what's going on XD

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I don't know what it could be us be...... Herobrine!

Happy late April Fools! It was me the whole time! And I would've gotten away with it, to, if it was for you meddling kids and your robot fox!

3846557 I hope so:pinkiecrazy:

3846572 Yesss:pinkiecrazy:

3846591 Mwahaa- watch out I got a diamond sword:pinkiecrazy: Next time it must just be me... >:D

3846910 I hope so :'D I'd love to see him try to kill me while I'm in creative mode.
But srsly.
That would be scary XD

3848131 I have an orbital friendship cannon.


CreepsMcPasta get over here.

ALSO have you ever played an interactive creepypasta????

3848131 He's out there. Somewhere...

3848164 No But I want to so badly :'D
I've never played any horror game actually, aside from the fnaf demo >.>; Halp. I love horror games

3848133 thankz. I'll just blast him off into Equestria :'D

3848789 Somewhere...:pinkiecrazy:

3850338 I don't think you understand. I will use it on you if you come near me with the diamond sword. What weapon do you have that can beat my orbital friendship cannon, as well as my army?

3850397 Hmm... I see now.
I see.
I have a Freddy Fazbear :moustache:


I'll link you one when I get a computer

3850415 ah thankz! :'D
3850477 hmm... What if I told you I have a pizza?

3850999 I remember that pic XD Twas a good prank :pinkiecrazy:

3852882 I have a Bat-pizza. And the Puppet. And Bill Cipher. And beyond infinite power.

3852896 But I have a Foxy.
And a Nightmare Moon.
And a Herobrine. Wait. I mean, whenever I find him I do:moustache:

3852960 ooooh no, I've never played one :'D

3853820 I have a purple guy. And a Discord. And Sans the skeleton. And a planet full of my fellow beings with beyond infinite power.

3853945 I shall :pinkiecrazy:
3853932 hmm. Purple Guy?
Well I have a Springtrap >:D And a World of random fluffy things that like to floop around with knives. Idk why they just do. I also have a Pink Fluffy Unicorn.
I also have a Scott Cawthon

3855492 I do :pinkiecrazy: I mean, teh vid (I didn't get a game yet I mean XD). I'm gonna look into more interactive games like dis soon:pinkiecrazy:


I would recommend doing so. i can show you some other ones if you would like

3855450 I have a Grim Reaper. And if that doesn't work, I'll just fly to planet blarg and outlive you, you puny mortal.

3855668 Nyeeh! I can simply ask Talos and the eight other divines of Tamriel for immortality!
For I am the dovakiin!
Either that or I'll just die in a Freddy Fazbear suit and haunt the night guards forever. I mean, it's an alternative.

3855949 You know those guys? Heh, good luck getting help from them, me and them go waaay back.

3856070 Well I couuuld just find Hircine ya know:pinkiecrazy:
Or lord Harkon. I just need to find Serana again.
Again -_-

3856374 They owe me favors. I'll make sure they don't help you.

3856563 Fine. But I'll be stalking you...

3857739 You were stalking an illusion of me. I'm right behind you... *Backstabs you with Wanga Prick and steals your identity*

3857746 Did u know I have illusion spells too?:duck::pinkiecrazy:
*blasts a few fireball spells while riding away on my modded horse* :pinkiecrazy:

3858848 Kid, I in created illusions! In fact, your whole life has been a lie! Reality is GONE!

3858975 Nueeeee!!!! The taco I ate earlier is an illusion? :raritydespair: RIP taco. RIP.

3859055 Yes, and so are the crackers you ate. Every. Last. One.

3859060 NOOOOOOO!!!:raritycry:
Want a cracker btw?

3859099 No! Gah ha ha! My evil knows no limits!

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