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Tee Hee · 10:29pm Mar 29th, 2016

How did this escape everyone's notice from the MLP facebook page? Behold. Just friends.

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Comments ( 17 )

lyra and bon bon confirmed couple! :yay:

Yeah that's been around a while.

They're the bestest of friends.

Lesbian shipping intensifies. :pinkiecrazy: :heart:

They should just come out and say it. I figure all the fans think this anyway. Kids aren't stupid you know. Many they could adopt Scootaloo, if she really is an orphan.

3835817 Faust insists she isn't, for how much her word is worth in canon these days.

Yup, confirming a non-hetrosexual relationship is quite a step. I mean actually CONFIRMING it, as opposed to hinting at it.

I like to hope that love is a mental thing, not really requiring you to check what is between your legs to permit it.

Question is, was this simply a 'hay lets get somepony to make a cute thing for valentines day' and then a handoff to an artist to do the actual entire thing, or was there someone in a position of authority who said okay to this?

3835928 Hasbro is very anal about approving media, I'm told? Still, mistakes happen, maybe?

3835961 Possibly a media team taking stock images (from the MLP internal library) and using them as they see fit?

3835968 Couldn't really say one way or the other, just that it is 100% official Hasbro art with two fillies in a valentine photo with hearts all over.

'You make my heart gallop'

Oh my...

3835980 'You fill my heart with sweetness' 'You are the magic in my life' 'Friendship is only the beginning'

Maybe I should get a job writing greeting cards?

I suspect that this is the sort of low-level, "licensed media has deniability, and it's not really explicitly confirming it but the message is still pretty clear" message that you'd expect to fly under the radar.

3836577 I don't think this qualifies as 'licensed media'? This wasn't a greeting card, but an advertisement for their product.

3836710 Okay, I thought this was for a card; if this was simply an image made in-house, then yeah, the implications lose several fig leaves of deniability. (Though not completely, since I wonder who has the Hasbro Facebook account information and how much clearance they have to go through to post stuff there. This is still more credible than a writer's tweet, but not at the same level as actually confirming it in the show itself.)

3836737 Right, it's not a physical card, just a posting on their official facebook page.

Just 'friends'... right. Not that there's anything wrong with that, (You win an internet cookie if you got that reference)

3836855 Oh, look, haven't seen a Seinfeld reference in about three days.

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