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In which I convince you to buy my book · 2:11am Mar 29th, 2016

Hi. I wrote a book. Like an actual, for-real book on paper and stuff. One that you can buy, right this minute, with real money. It's cheap, it's entertaining, it's available right now in both print and e-book formats. And over the next two minutes, I'll be telling you of even more reasons why you should consider purchasing it.

"But Nine," I hear you cry before I can even open my mouth a second time, "it's poetry!!!"

To which I can only respond: Yes, yes it is. Why is that a bad thing?

Look, I know poetry can seem dull, especially when your only exposure to it has been the extremely dry, easily dissected stuff they force you to read in high school. But let me heavingly put aside my usual self-depreciation and summon all the self-confidence I've built over the past four years for this one question: Do you really think that I, of all people, would spend month after month carefully arranging words onto a page in a way that didn't make them enjoyable or worthwhile to read? This strange, strange community has helped me grow so much, as a writer and as an artist. This is something I genuinely want to give back to you.

Persephone: Poems from the Underworld is a best-of collection from the past decade, showcasing all the styles I've experimented with in that time, blending prose, poetry, and everything in between. Learn some of my shadowy personal history in "Ennetina". Read a true story about getting lost in the woods in "The Ungarden Path". Discover weird facts about a certain plant in "Taking Down". Experience a rapid-fire collection of snippets and ludicrously short stories in "Viscera". And for the experts, tease the meaning from a complex love letter to both astronomy and Inuit mythology in "Dear Sedna". Large and small, there's something in this collection for everyone - and if you open your heart to it, you may find a piece that will change your mind about poetry forever.

Persephone: Poems from the Underworld. Now available in print and e-book formats (oh, and also on Amazon). Go on, try it. You know you want to.

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Comments ( 7 )

I do want to buy it, but uh, is SmashWords a secure website?

3833758 I and other people I know have found it to be safe and reliable. If it concerns you, alternatives are available.

3833844 Neat, I'll pick it up soon.

I contacted them about US shipping.

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