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Power Rangers Harmonic Force Info · 9:23pm Mar 1st, 2016

This blog contains unmarked spoilers for my story, Power Rangers Harmonic Force.

This blog will list all the information that is publicly available for Power Rangers Harmonic Force, from the Rangers to their Allies and Enemies and side characters. It will also list the status of those villains and if they have been dealt with or not. The Allies will also have a status next to them.

Rainbow Blitz : Harmonic Force Red Ranger
Elusive: Harmonic Force Blue Ranger
Fluttershy: Harmonic Force Yellow Ranger

Princess Celestia: Inactive
Principal Calaver Harmonics: Active
Middle School Principal Mi Amore Cadenza: Active
Night Light: Active
Twilight Velvet: Active
Twilight Sparkle: Active
Barb: Active

Speller: Destroyed
Crystal Sage: Destroyed
King Sombra: Active

Please forgive me if I forgot anything as I am working on this all by myself. If I forgot anything, please correct me. I will also answer the first question that is asked about the story such as what you want to.

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