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  • 4 weeks
    I'm not dead

    I completely forgot to say something. I've actually been making tons of progress towards videogame design. After mountains of setbacks, I'm finally at a place where I know what I'm doing and it's glorious.

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  • 12 weeks
    KOTD Chapter 66: The Deadline For Death out on Tuesday

    I'll be at the lake during my normal posting time. I have no idea if I'll get service to post the chapter but I'll do my best to figure something out. Sorry It was still a few more days before posting it, I had an idea for some rewrites that took longer than I thought.

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    KOTD Chapter 66 out soon

    Chapter is finished, just gotta find time to edit it.

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    Yes I'm still here

    Yeah I've taken a lot of time off and god damnit I needed it. There's lots of drama with my living situation, not to mention everything else in the world. I'm going camping for the first time as an adult, meaning it's not with family, just friends and I've never done that before. We're spending 4 days by a HUGE lake and holy shit I'm so excited! Just wanted to drop by and say I'm still here and

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  • 26 weeks
    KOTD Chapter 65: The Rage Within

    New chapter coming out in a few hours. My schedule has been packed with shit these last few months. Been writing a small side project and working on making a videgoame.

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Part 2 is finally out! · 11:42am Feb 24th, 2016

Celestia “Did you bring one of those orbs with you or not?!” her eyes show both fear and wrath.
I stare back. My reluctance to give her as little information as possible allows tension to flow between us. She shifts her weight a bit and turns to face me a bit more directly.
Luna steps between us “What is going on?! Are we not here to get to know one another?” her eyes frantically go from myself to her sister. Celestia and I do not look away from the other. She wants to know if I’m endangering her kingdom, and I want answers.
I finally speak “You know what the orbs were don’t you. It was magic. Was it from here? Were we a secret experiment for you?!” I get heated.
Celestia “If you think for one second I’ll allow you to threaten my kingdom I’ll - “
I laugh “Do what? Kill us all? It would be a welcome vacation!”
Celestia snarls at me, with those massive angry eyes. She begins panting with anticipation and rage.
Luna “Ok...let’s all calm down. This has gotten a bit out of hand hasn’t it?” A yellow glow appears around Luna’s hind heels, as she’s pulled towards the door. In just a few seconds, the doors are flung open, Luna is dragged out, with the doors slamming shut again. They glow ominously with yellow. Looks like I may have to fight my first Alicorn. I was no match for her. If I had any hope of surviving, I’d have to lure her into a sense of security, and take her out when she drops her guard. I hear Luna pounding on the door angrily, calling out to her sister.

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