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I have been all I could be. I think it has been enough.

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    Wow. Three Hundred blogs.

    I feel like some sort of celebration is in order...

    No, not a celebration. A promise.

    I will have a new story out by next week.

    No shit, guys. I'm doing this. To quote a certain shitty comic:


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    *surfaces from the water and crawls onto lifeboat*



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Three Double-Zero! · 5:18am Feb 17th, 2016

Wow. Three Hundred blogs.

I feel like some sort of celebration is in order...

No, not a celebration. A promise.

I will have a new story out by next week.

No shit, guys. I'm doing this. To quote a certain shitty comic:


And, I've decided to shed a little light on some of it before unveiling.

Stay classy, m8s.

The first of the seven base Spectrumantic Colors, Red exists only for combat. When Lighting Red, an Artist's eyes become red and a thin, almost invisible red aura coats their skin. This aura is what makes Red so combat-focused. Artists manipulate this aura in the form of extremely destructive blasts of Color, ranging from beams, to bolts, to barrages, and so much more. They can also use it to 'augment' certain parts of their body, locking them and preventing them from feeling pain, ensuring that the Artist fights to the death. Note that, while all Artists gain a noticeable boost in strength, speed, and durability upon being blessed with Spectrumancy, augmenting a limb does not enhance your toughness, like Blue does. It simply allows you to ignore any and all pains for as long as Red is Lit.

The second of the seven base Spectrumantic Colors, Orange is the traversal Color. Upon Lighting, an Artist's eyes will turn orange, and one of three things will happen:
1: Your legs will be coated in a thin Orange aura, and your running speed will increase tremendously. Your jumping height will increase as well, and the aura provides a dampener for long falls.
2: You will sprout translucent Orange wings, and will gain the ability to take to the skies. You will fly as if you were born to do so, and can wrap the wings around yourself as a cocoon-esque shield if necessary.
3: You will gain clawed hands and feet, usable for digging and climbing. The claws on your hands funcion as miniature grappels as well, and pack quite a punch in close-range fighting.

The third of the seven base Spectrumantic Covers, Yellow is the mental Color. Upon Lighting Yellow, an Artist's eyes turn yellow, and thier senses are dramaticllly increased. Eyesight is sharpened and magnefied, hearing triples in strength, smell becomes extremely potent, so on and so forth. It increases the speed at which you are able to process things, and is generally the least offensive of all the base seven Colors.

The fourth of the seven base Spectrumantic Colors, Green is associated with elements and nature. When Lighting Green, an Artist's eyes take on that color, and they gain control over one of the four main elements present in the world: Stone, Heat, Air, and Life. A Stonegreen controls rocks and earth, a Heatgreen controls temperature, and therefore Fire and Ice. An Airgreen harnesses the winds, and a Lifegreen reaches out to Flora and Fauna for aid.

The fifth of the seven base Spectrumantic Colors, Blue is the defensuve color. Upon Lighting blue, an Artist's eyes take on that color, and a thick, translucent blue armor encompasses the Artist, making them nigh invulnerable. The Blue armor also increases the Artist's physical strength, allowing them to wield weapons far too heavy for any normal man.

The sixth of the seven base Spectrumantic Colors, Indigo is the vortex. Lighting Indigo changes the Artist's eye color, and allows them to create 'Indigo Wells', small vortexes that pull or push things away from them. A skilled Indigo Artist can have as many as ten of these active at once, though the size and frequency of the Wells does factor in more fatigue for the Artist.

The seventh and final base Spectrumantic Color, Violet is the color of royal power- Telekinesis, as the Equine Ancestors once posessed. Lighting Violet allows an Artist to manipulate their surroundings with thier minds, shrouding objects in a Violet aura to move around as they see fit.


ARTIST - One who can use Spectrumancy
LIGHTING - The activation of your Color


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Oh hells yes. Imma be on the lookout for this one.:pinkiehappy: I love stories with these unorthodox sources of power.:raritystarry:

3760183 The best part is, it actually has Pones for once!

3760185 I could co-write this shit! Wait... Pone Pone or Human Pone?:duck:

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