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hey i have watchers that will see this right? well how bout some thoughts on the season final? · 2:25am Dec 24th, 2015

that i just finished watching?

in response to this


It was to be expected that they'd pull a villain reform card. They seem to love doing that a lot. However I think it's alright except for the fact that it was rushed. The fault lies in the fact that they rushed Starlight Glimmer's character reformation and gave her the easy shortcut of having everyone instantly become her friend and that's fucking terrible. I would have been fine with the ending leaving off at Twilight offering to become Starlight's mentor, or maybe let Starlight find her own path to redemption and let her come back later like Trixie. Idk. Anything but what we got today.

i said this

>>3574654 yeah pretty much , should have taken her back to the present with twi every time so she could give her initial reaction that it's just a trick by twi to change her mind but after each time the present is different she doubts that a little more until she realizes that those were all futures she was causing with her actions and then it would have been a much better way for twi to then give her little speech and starlight reforms.....

......also the entire problem of her life could have been avoided too since she showed she could go back in time to when her important event happened and she could have just stopped that and fixed her childhood and everything would have been fine......you know , kind of like a thinking creature would rationalize to do instead of that elaborate revenge plot.......

also the writers totally blew the chance to do a corrective time travel narrative that was successful by making the episode about twilight going back to the tragic time where starlight gave up on friendship (which would be different than the scenario shown in the episode) and her doing different things to try and be friends with her until she realizes another thing that makes friendship magic and shares that with star and she see the light kinda thing......

.....oooor alternatively another far more interesting and impactful narrative that i just though of after the last paragraph that they could have been tried where instead of going through a bunch of timelines while fighting each other they could just go back to 1 ruined present equestria and then have some key plot thing happen that keeps them stuck there and they have to work together to make it through this new ruined world to stop nmm or whatever so they can go back and stop this mess from happening , and over the course of it twi does her best to talk about how great her friends are and tries to do her best to take care of starlight even though she's still resisting any friendlyness by her perceived enemy , and then in the final confrontation star makes the faithful decision to refuse temptation with the evil and instead save twilight from certain doom and they both escape and fix everything....................man i should write fanfics while in this mild stoned state.....

hah , that is of course not to suggest that what the writers came up with for this episode wasn't fanfic level material , cause it was , rather bad fanfic material i felt......


i don't really feel like devoting time to writing a useless fanfic though if it isn't for the purpose of informing more people about the total collapse of the biosphere going on right now , what does anyone else think of myself or someone else using those premises if they haven't been done already? if i were to write something pretty sure i would include clop of some kind just cause.....


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