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From McAwesome My editor · 2:49am Dec 22nd, 2015

I've actually always wanted my OC to be drawn by Chiweee. The pony in this image is Cowgirl, I am her, she is me. I won't do any MLP stories with her... unless Pinkie somehow pulls me into Equestria... let's hope not.

But oh man am I so happy about this. Thank you SO much Killerrobotquote.

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Comments ( 22 )

looks nice with the cap:twilightsmile:

That's really cool! :pinkiehappy:

that is officially amazing!!!!!

Not bad! Who's the other pony in the pic?

You changed your cutie mark?

3635511 that is cowgirl... not Lilly

3635444 Mc Awesome. We trained hats XD

3635415 epic is the word I'd use

3635546 ahhh okie... is she the same color pattern as lilly?

3635567 Mostly. She has a true blue mane and tail. And no streeks. Lee designed her as a surprise present

3635552 that's an understated word for it

3635583Hmm... now I'm intrigued, I'll have to draw them both someday

3635610 I absolutely adore Shine's stuff. It is just so cute!

3635614 yep. Cowgirl also wears hats more

3635658 I needed a new look since I... kinda allowed Lilly to become her own mare.

3635672 sounds good, lol, I'm still proud i designed her

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