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A plague of old has been set loose on Equestria. It's an invisible evil, swift, and silent against its prey. A beast that discriminates against neither pony nor beast, young or old, rich or poor...

Will Twilight and her friends be able to stop it? Or will Equestria itself crumble into oblivion under the rapid, and unavailing power of the adorable, yet deadly Fuffs?

I want to thank everypony who worked on this project.

Calm Wind: This story started out between the two of us with me trying to fish for spoilers, and him tossing out ideas that were so left field it wasn't even funny. The results... this story here.

Glittering Aristocrat: My sister who helped me built the story from bare bones, into something that could resemble a story.

ShadowWolf101: My co-author, without whom we wouldn't have a story. Thank you for your time and talents.

And Copey: Who edited, and critiqued our work.

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This story is a sequel to Elements of Unity: Inspiration

Captain Lilly Feathers is young mare hoof-picked by Celestia to represent the pegasus tribe on her secret counsel known as Unity, her title; Motivation.

Follow Lilly as she comes to terms with herself, and then uses her gifts and status to lead the descendants of the Children Of The Night into an era of peace, and take their rightful place as citizens of Equestria.

(Note; The Prequel is a companion story about Motivation's Triplet.)

Special thanks to Shadowwolf101 for proofreading. And my two talented cover artists Crystal Melody, and Atlantean.

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This story is a sequel to Piercing the Heavens

Disclaimer; if you have not read Piercing the Heavens, turn back now. This story takes place starting at chapter 107; Chills. It is from Wave Chill's Point of view of the events mentioned, filling some gaps between chapters.

The life of a warrior is not a safe one, especially in times of war. When Wave Chill is crippled by the enemy, it is up to Spitfire to be there for him, and help him through this tough time.

Special thanks to Lucky424 for editing this for me.

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We all think that our words and actions will never come back around to hurt us. We assume that we will never be hurt. Life, however does not work like that. When life did finally turn on Diamond Tiara, all she wants is mercy, and comfort. With a reputation like her's, this might be more than can be expected.

I want to thank my team of editors, and proof readers, and my cover artist. Thanks guys.

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(TRIGGER WARNING! This story is not Politically Correct)

Now that that childish cultural piece of business is out of the way.

Big Mac wore a dress! Granted it was so that his sister could compete. But Big Macintosh Apple had worn a dress! Now as the talk of the town, a certain stallion has a lot to think about. Fortunately for him, he has a sister who's just as stubborn as he is to talk it out with.

(Inspired but the episode, Brotherhooves Social)

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Twilight Sparkle was a very stubborn filly. A go-getter in every area but relationships. So when she wakes up tangled in her bedding after a defense training with her brother, there is no other option but to use what she had just learned to get herself unstuck.

For Shining Armor, this might be the hardest mission he ever had.


Cover Art done by Atlantean

Proofread/Edited by my good friends, Diamond Dust, and KillerRobotQuote.

Thanks guys!

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They were not at war. They were just trying to survive. They weren't doing what was wrong, they were just doing what had to be done to survive. That is what the 'Children of the Night' told temselves.

One October night Sonydon Song found herself pressed with a question from her younger cousin on the origin of the monsters of myth at the filly's school. The monsters however, are closer to home than the youngster could ever imagine. The battles of old, darker than a night without their Princess.

(This is intended to be a historic look on zombies. The dark tag is there for a reason. While it is fictionalized and ponified. The events are taken from Earth's history. There is nothing grafic described, but many things are alluded to.)

Special thanks to those who made this story possible. My Dad for encouraging the idea. Atlantean, for the stunning cover. And my editors, ShadowLDrago, MahoganyMLP, Diamond dust, and last but not least KillerRobotQuote. Thanks guys.

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This story is a sequel to A Dress for Princess Twilight

When Twilight is called to Canterlot on royal business, she finds herself with a big problem. With a school science fair on the horizon, she can't leave the library unattended. Lucky for her, Pinkie is up for the challenge.

When Pinkie discovers just how hard it is to pull books. She finds herself with her own science fair project; To organize the books in a way that is easy for everypony, not just Twilight. Will she be able to do it? Or will Gummy find himself trying to talk sense into Pinkamina?

(Note, you don't have to read it's prequel to understand this story.)

Thanks goes to ShadowLDrago , MahoganyMlp, KillerRobotQuote, and Diamond dust for all their help with editing and proofreading this story.

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When the CMC find out that Cheerilee is planning a blind date picnic... they aren't sure what to think. Come join our favorite fillies on this roller coaster ride of a Hearts and Hooves Day.

(I'll be adding in the ships that are in the book as it goes. I want to leave them as surprises.)

Cheerilee x Big Mac
Apple Bloom x Pipsqueak

Edited by KillerRobotQuote

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After the utter travesty wrought upon fashion from Applejack's last efforts, Rarity has taken it upon herself to ensure such a thing never happens again. The problem is, Applejack didn't know anything about dressmaking to begin with, and she isn't too interested in learning now.

In the popular box for 36hr. February seventh through ninth.

Dramatic Reading By DR. Wolf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN_qCXlJYNA

(edited by MahoganyMLP, and KillarRobotQuote,
Cover art by Mahogany MLP)
Thank's Scootareader for the long description.

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