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State of the author · 9:37pm Dec 10th, 2015

Check below the break for updates on what I'm doing, and chapter statuses!

Side Effects of Molly Chapter 6 1.6k words written out of 7k planned. Medium Priority
Celestia gangbang fic 2k words written out of 6k planned. Low Priority
Anal scene for "First Times", 1.3k words written out of 3k planned. High Priority
Chapter for a project explained below. 0 words written out of planned 8k. Medium-High Priority once the preceding scenes are written

Finals are just around the corner, so my writing has slowed a lot. But as soon as winter break starts I plan to get a lot of writing done. The next thing I want to finish is the Anal scene for first times, than the Side Effects chapter. I hope to have both done by the end of the year.

I've also joined the team working on the fic Fel Equestria as the primary clop writer. I really enjoy this fic, and it deserves more attention than it has. It doesn't have the strongest of starts, but it gets much better towards the newer chapters. There is going to be a 10k word chapter dropping tonight, complete with a 4.5k word clop scene written by me. So if you want more of my sexy horse words, that is the best place to look. I'm going to be in this project for the long haul, writing the odd chapter or two every now and then, but mainly stepping in when a full length clop scene needs to be written. My next bit for this is going to involve Moondancer and the rest of Twilight's canterlot friends.

As always, feel free to ask me any questions in the comments. I love hearing from you guys.

Gold4tune out, pce /)

Report Gold4tune · 491 views · Story: The Side Effects of Molly ·
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Comments ( 2 )

So you're on board with Fel Equestria, huh? It's odd of me to say this, but I honestly prefer the story-based focus it has at the moment: clop is all well and good, but the whole corruption thing never sat right with me. What can I say, I like consent. It's still a good read though, I look forward to seeing your influence on it.

Also I will laugh long and hard if the First Times chapter you're working on has pegging or futa. "You asked for anal buddy, you didn't say who was pitching!" :rainbowkiss:

Oh, theres going to be plenty of story still. No less than there was before, Its just when they feel a clop scene would fit into the story, thats when they call me. And whenever I end up writing a chapter, I'll probably include a clop scene as well, cause thats just what I do. Not to mention I'll do my best to keep everything from getting too dark. I can't handle that either. If you've read enough of my stuff you know I keep everything as happy as possible. The 'corruption' is a grey area for me too, but I've been privy to some of the meta-plans that the readers don't know yet. And I know it really doesn't get too bad.

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