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Its not a goodbye, its so long for a while · 3:32pm Jun 20th, 2016

So its that time of year again. I'm not sure how many of you have been following me since the last time I made one of these blog posts, but it is happening once again.

I am sitting in Toronto-Pearson International Airport right now, waiting for the shuttle that is going to drive me six hours north to a place called Temagami. For at least one of the next two months, Another leader and I are going to be leading whitewater canoe trips for kids aged 10-16, and as electricity and wifi are hard to come by in the middle of the woods, I am going to be out of contact. That being said, if I'm not leading a trip, there is a small chance I can get access to the internet if I go into town for one reason or another. But that is a strong, strong maybe.

So, I'll take the chance now to bid you all adieu, and I hope you all have wonderful, fruitful summers.

But don't think I'll leave you guys empty handed! I feel terrible that I wasn't able to get a chapter of Side Effects out before I left, but my muse simply wasn't cooperating with me. So, I'm going to list a bunch of authors on this site that don't get nearly as much attention as they deserve. They are not listed in any order, just the way it came out.

Uni is a lover of big ponies, lewd ponies, and any combination of those two. If you like ponies of those varieties, check her stuff out.

Possibly one of the lewdest authors on fimfiction, he also has plenty of anime, video game, and other works that are absolutely amazing.

Troublesome Beast
One of the few authors that can make an alicorn OC not be dumb, he writes very hot stuff.

If you like macro ponies, pregnant ponies, or growing ponies, he is the author for you.

Azure is another lewd one. Another fan of girls with dicks and big ponies growing bigger, her stuff is always unf inducing.

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Comments ( 6 )


Shit, I don't get to say goodbye on skype. Have fun on your summer stay, brother. We'll miss you terribly.

i luv u bby

Be well, dude! Thank you for the exceedingly kind words, and may the trip be fun and the kids not too crazy. I remember when I was a teen on our big Colorado River trip. Two idiots had brought Super Soakers along and used them to spray untreated river water right into each others' mouths before the adults took 'em away.

Sounds like a fun time ahead of you. Well, I hope you have a blast! :twilightsmile:

so it's another long trip? dame... time moves fast
have fun :)

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