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Minor oral surgery · 6:42pm Dec 8th, 2015

Had my two lower wisdom teeth extracted today. The one on my left what the worst one the surgeon had dealt with in his career (or at least that's what he said, not sure if it was really that bad) and after exposing it they had to back off and reevaluate how to proceeds while doing the other one.

But they are out; that's the important part.
They gave me some medication for the pain, hopefully I won't go back and ask for something stronger.

Well; I guess that covers it.
I'm ok; just in pain and a tad out of my element. Took me a few tries just to get my username right:twilightblush:.

Signing out for now
Be well everyone

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Comments ( 9 )

Wow. Sounds like it was a bit more complex than the doctors thought. I had all my wisdom teeth taken out last year, and my lower right one was the biggest problem because it had only barely poked its head out of my jawline.

I think the only good thing, well, at least ONE good thing, that came out of that surgery was the idea for one of my stories.

Hope you're doing okay! Were you awake for the surgery or asleep?

I know how you feel wisdom teeth hurt

Get better and very well beb:yay:

Glad to hear it went bro. I hope it's a speedy recovery. I'll be prayin for ya:derpytongue2:


Thank you everyone for the words:twilightsmile:
And to answer your question AmtrakBrony; I was put under anesthesia for it. :twilightblush:

3603907 Good. I know a few people who have been awake for that type of surgery, and I just can't imagine why they would be awake for such a thing. I'm glad you and I were two of the lucky ones and were able to get anesthesia.

I think they put me under because one was sideways and pushing into the row of teeth and also because both were impacted; not exposed.
They had to cut through my gums to get to them (and one had to be shattered before it could be removed):twilightblush:

But...the idea of being awake...wow:rainbowderp::fluttershysad:

3603986 Dang, dude. That's gotta hurt...:fluttershyouch: That must have taken your doctor a good 90 minutes at least to complete the procedure. I had all 4 of mine out in less than an hour, but only because 3 of them had completely grown in.

About that long, yes:ajsleepy:
Glad you got yours done and over with:eeyup:

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