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Nova Arc

Discovering colored cartoon ponies was one of the best times of my life... how many people get to say that? XD

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Nova Digi Log: Shout Out · 5:44pm Dec 5th, 2015

Hello subscribers. Welcometo Nova's first ever shoutout blog!:yay:

Just here to give a shoutout to a great person and friend, LyraAlluse. She's fun to talk to and has a great personality! Plus, she's three away from 200 followers! Go follow and fill up those slots (note: also consider exceeding 200:raritywink:)

That is all.

Nova out!

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Comments ( 9 )

I've already followed her, subbed her, Llama'd her, and watched her. . .

3594852 Hehe. Llama... Hm... Oh. Nice. I've just followed and watched. I'm gonna have to check on my llama supply (although I'm pretty sure I've got like 50 or something:rainbowlaugh:).

D'aww thank you for the shout out. I appreciate it greatly. ^0^

3594856 Yeah, I've got around 50 as well.

3594859 You're very welcome. You've earned it.:twilightsmile:
3594864 SO MANY LLAMAS!!!:pinkiecrazy:

3594874 Yay! It makes me happy. Weeee!

3594874 It's not like I earned them or anything. I just got a lot of Llamas from people who were nice.

3594877 Wheeeeee!!!:yay:
3594878 Ditto.
*Wakes up in the morning*
*Checks Deviantart*
*Sees five people gave him llamas overnight*:rainbowlaugh:

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