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Nova Digi Log: Merry Christmas!!! · 4:53am Dec 26th, 2016

Hey-O, subscribers!

Now that most of you are awake and I've seen a butt-load of your "Merry Christmas" blogs, 'bout time I did my own.

2016 for me has been... tough. Sure, I finally got into uni after three years of failing, but I've seen so many other things go wrong. Not going to go into detail, but 2016 in general has been... pretty crappy. I've seen great people go through some tough times and I've been unable to help them because I myself am in a bad place. I feel like I may have hurt some people with the things I've said. I've just been feeling kinda down the last couple of weeks and Christmas wasn't exactly all hype for me, nor did the day day go anywhere near as planned. But In the last month or so, I've met some amazing people, made some new friends online, and even learned a few things about myself. I guess it's just been a lot of ups and downs recently.

Anyway, not sure what time it'll be when I post this, but I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you all have a fantabulous 2017! And if 2016 sucked that much for you, just view 2017 as a way to improve on it. Always find people to talk to if you ever feel overwhelmed by problems. Maybe you could help each other out. But here's to hoping that 2017 onward will look bright for every single one of you!:heart:

On a side note, turns out my first pony fic, The Sugar on Her Fangs actually did pretty okay and I've been asked if I will be continuing it. Well, I will be making a Hearhtwarming sequel, althuogh it will be going up late, hopefully by the 27th, latest. I have also thought of starting the Etherverse (pony equivilent of the Etheriaverse). Still gonna have the whole crew in it, but with a difeerent story, obviously. I will still be working on the Etheriaverse though, for those of you who actually read it. Until then, enjoy these wonderful arts by Kewiri1.

The whole crew decorating for the holidays!

Loli and Roxy's first Hearthswarming as a couple!

Anyhoo, once again, Merry Christmas/Happy Hearthswarming and a fruitful 2017 to all of you! Love you all! And always remember: always be you because no one else does it!:heart:


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Merry Christmas, from me, Shadow, Aryanne, And everypony else here in our special little neck of the woods.

Merry Christmas friend :) I hope 2017 is happier for you

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