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I may not be good at neither art, nor writing, but--with your help--I intend to become the best I can possibly be. All I need is a bit of guidance.

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I AM going to leave FiMfiction... · 5:54am Dec 3rd, 2015

And no, It's not for some stupid angsty reason like the last time I did a Blog like this. It's simply because... I'm not writing. Well, I'm not writeing stories about MLP characters that is.

I've been so caught up with planning an entirely different, and really big, project... that I just haven't been thinking about MLP. In all honesty, it's not an obsession of mine anymore. the last couple of episodes I've only seen because I was reminded of them four days later... and even then I pushed them off because I was watching other things.

That... and I'm kind of tired of logging on to see 20 different blogs from delusional people who are so blinded by their "love" for applejack... or fluttershy... or any of the characters that they fail to see that it will NEVER happen. Their fictional characters guys... they don't exist in the real world beyond the show, and hence all your doing is setting yourself up for more depression. There are real girls/guys out there people! Ones that are cool/nice and won't judge you for your likes! You just got to buck up, swallow your anxiety, and start talking to one. Do that and you might find that you'll start developing feelings for one! Jeez

Even though I don't have a GF yet, I'm still pretty content with my life... because I am getting out and talking to people more. I'm hanging out with friends... I'm doing the things average people do everyday. And when I say "getting out" I'm not exactly saying that I'm actually stepping out of my house and doing so. I'm saying that I have been "putting myself out there"... I interact with hundreds of real people online every day. And it's amazing!

*sigh* sorry. I went off on a tangent. Long story short, My hype for the show isn't there anymore, and I just simply don't have the motivation to write MLP specific stories. So, that's why I'm leaving. DON'T GET ME WRONG! I still like the show, and some of the content the fans create for it... so, if it comes across my "recommended section" on any social media, I'll still look at it, and a smile will cross my face. I'm just not going out of my way to find it anymore.

Really... the only thing keeping me from leaving right this instant is the friends I have made here. I'm still loyal to them, and I deeply appreciate them so much, like you don't even know. And that is the truth. I'm making this blog so that they don't think I just abandoned them. In fact... if you're one of my friends, and still want to remain in contact with me. Send me any other contact info you have. Email Addresses, usernames on different sights, online games you play. Anything... I will do what I can to keep talking to you... so long as I don't become too busy... which happens a lot.

Anyway guys... this is the final time I'm going to say this on a blog. Remember to always love and tolerate. With that, I will see you all later.

...Good buy :fluttercry: I love you all.

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Comments ( 7 )

Farewell old friend.

3588936 BRO! I still love talking to you! You sure you don't have any other way I can contact you?

We will miss you, mate. I shall give you a 21 gun salute.

*ACDC's for those about to rock starts playing*

Nnnnnoooooo don't leave please:raritycry:
We're losing bronies on this site either to suicide or leaving for real:fluttercry:

Aww...Goodbye then :fluttercry: But before you go,have a cute picture

Bye we'll miss you:fluttercry:
i hop you'll be happy with whatever your doing :twilightsmile:

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