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Broken by life, but more so by the lives of others. If anyone has the cure for a broken soul, let me know.

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Nova Digi Log: Stuff To Expect... Maybe... · 9:31pm Nov 21st, 2015

Hello there, faithful subscribers! Nova here!

I will also be posting the next chapter of Harmony Gems soon, though I'll need my co-writer's help to finish it up (apologies in advance if it feels a bit rushed); I'll send it once I get this out, Tacitus. So, I'm hoping that we'll start hinting a bit to the main conflict, but I plan to draaaaaaaag it out like taffy for as long as possible, because suspense.:raritywink: Over time, you'll also see some closer interaction between the Gems and between the Gems and Equestrians. Perhaps even see some Gems you recognize.:raritywink: But I won't say too much.

Also, just a heads up on stuff to expect. Tomorrow, I will hopefully be able to do a review for Mass Effect 3. Over the week, I will be doing reviews for each of the seven "Stakes" episodes of Adventure Time! A whole week of Best Vampire! It was awesome!

Also, those in the SU group, get your heads ready, because I'm gonna open a group discussion on something that I should've a while ago.

But until then, stay awesome and stay crazy.

Nova out!

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