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House Rules full summary and notes · 3:49am Nov 20th, 2015

II. House Rules
So here we are, my first story. Oh, its taking me back already. All those dislikes because I deleted a few comments. I mean seriously?
Enough of that though, whatever, my stories could have 1000 dislikes and I wouldn't care at this point (it would be kinda cool actually).

You're here to see the outline and junk for House Rules. Now I have A LOT, but it's written down on paper (more like Shakespeare than I thought), so I'm just translating the important parts. I'll write this again: If you want to take anything AT ALL, you fucking do it. Don't let the moderators boss you around, because I give full permission to absolutely everybody. You can make this into a gay midget porno for all I care (although you better than that, right?)

From the beginning *cracks knuckles*, it's first worth noting I got many of the ideas from Her Frontier, not only one of the best fanfictions I've read, but also one of the best novels in general I have ever read. Seriously, go check it out, even if you just visit it to give it a like, please do yourself a favor and check it out.

Onto Business, House Rules is broken down into 5 "acts", each taking place in a different geological region in Equestria (yes I used a map to map it all out, Ponies are serious business).

2. Canterlot (Peaceful)
4.Hayseed Swamp (the forest just west of it actually, it was called Misty forest or something, but we'll just stick with Hayseed Swamp)
5.Canterlot (War-torn)

These are the summaries below.

1.I already wrote this

2. I also already wrote this, but I admit it could have been better.

3.I wrote part of this, and much of it is completed, I just haven't got around to publishing it, and likely never will. What happens here is Rainbow Dash jumps out the train and flies towards Sanctuary after her and Twilight get into another scuffle. Chapter 12 was meant to be how Rainbow Dash realized maybe she didn't make such a good decision, and crashes to the ground by the strong winds. She breaks a leg. It was quite gory when I first wrote it, but I toned it down so It was more of an "of shit son", rather than an "ewwww". She finds a bunker, as well as some medical supplies inside. After wrapping herself up she finds a room full of dead ponies. Again, I didn't finalize how much gore there was going to be, but it was likely to be minimal. Twilight and Co. find Rainbow, and after some discussion, journey onward, ever cautious.

At Sanctuary I created this super funny little skit where these dumbass construction ponies try to stop the gang from entering Sanctuary, and at the gate Rarity tries to seduce them, but fails horribly. Anyway, the mayor comes out and invites them it. He obviously has something up his sleeve. He brings them to Gold Chip, the owner of Gold Chip Casinos in the previous chapters. The Mane 6 are invited in, but kicked out because they were nosing around too much, making Gold Chip angry. Meanwhile Rainbow and Flutters (who is still angry by the way), watch this happen through the window, and follow the decide to follow the mayor after him and Gold Chip split up. The mayor enters a secret door in the back of one of the many western-themed buildings around Sanctuary. Inside, there is a typical bad guy compound, bolted walls, and steel doors. R and F enter the vents, and follow the sound of screaming. The enter a small room where a bartender pony is being kept (youll find out his significance in a second). They peak through the vents and the Mayor and a pony will Einstein-like blue mane comes in, asking "one last time" what he's up to. He refused to answer, and is punched in the gut, being threatened that next time, he'll be lucky to be left alive. The door closes, Rainbow crashes through the vents, and they have a little chat with the pony.

Meanwhile, the OG group decides to split up, Rares and Twi, AJ and Pinkie. We'll be following R and T here. Rarity decides to go cleaned up (as they are very messy from their desert trek). They happen into a store where a pony is ecstatic to help them because she never gets any business. There is a bit of comedy, like with Twilight not knowing anything about fashion. After that, they exit the shop, brutish ponies are looking at them, they start to walk faster, but are cornered by a group of 5 ponies, (3 lackys, one punk mare, and one heavy set stallion with a bowler hat). They all speak in East coast accents (What are yous doin' here). (I hope no ones offended). Twilight blasts a spell and Rarity and Twi dash towards the saloon. When they get in, the bartender warns the crook to play nice, and they leave. The bartender offers the two a chance to talk. He gives them a room key and tells them hell be up in one hour. R and T talk about life and their thoughts. You know, character development and junk. Then punk mare and bowler hat guy bust down the door, saying "yous wont be seein' your pal tonight". Rarity tries to fight back, but is head-butted by the mare. Twilight also tries, but the bowler hat guy puts something on her horn, and punches her out too. The bad guys are all Earth ponies by the way, this is VERY IMPORTANT.

Now to Applejack and Pinkie. This one was going to be shorter. They both sit down at a bench. Applejack explains herself to Pinkie. How AJ doesn't know what to do between the farm and her friends fighting. Pinkie gives some sweet philosophical things to say, and AJ comments on this with something like "Your a lot smarter than you let on, Pinkie". (you can tell this is were my planning started getting weak). Then they are hit over the head from behind and the chapter ends.

Now back to Rainbow and Flutters (you see the importance of the bartender now). The Bartender dies from his wounds. Rainbow hears footsteps and hurries back into the vent. The door opens and 4 ponies are thrown inside (guess who they are!). Inside is the rest of the mane 6, Flutters and Rainbow dash (get it? I used dash as a verb... never mind) towards their friends and untie them. They discuss stuff, as well as talk about the bartender and their next move. This is likely to be its own chapter with how much can go on here. Whether you want it to be or not...

They escape in this reaaaaaallly cool action chapter (I could've pulled it off). Guards are punched, the alarm goes off, there are loud bangs (you'll see why real soon), then a voice over the intercom tells them to stop. Twilight recognizes the voice, but cant quite place it. They make it outside into the streets, but armored ponies with hoof revolvers (yes, motherfucking hoof revolvers), come out of every door, and surround the main six, weapons ready. The mane six get into fighting position, but a voice tells everybody to stand down. The stallion with blue Einstein hair comes out from behind a group of soldiers, followed by the mayor. Twilight asks what they are doing. The stallions asks something like "what don't recognize me?", and slicks back his hair and puts on a hat. It's Gold Chip! (dun dun duuuuu).

Story time: Gold Chip explains his real name is Digerati. He was born into a rich family (who owned a casino). His father was not an honest businessman, and never gave attention to Digerati, who was very smart, and very good with electricity and machinery. His father deemed these "worthless skills". Digerati got so fed up, he killed his Father, taking over the business after "an unfortunate allergical reaction." Digerati vowed to use these resources and his skills to make Equestria a better place. But even with all his smarts, he didn't know how. That is, until he saw the Hearth's Warming Eve play (the same one the mane six performed in). He realized that Earth Ponies are treated as "the lesser race". Twilight tries very hard to disclaim this, and even gets kind of aggressive. Digertai warns against this though, as he shows of his own personal hoof revolver. He shows her how its made. 6 cylinders strapped around a leather strip laced with electrical wiring. Each time you push the trigger (its like a big c shaped lever that you push "down"), it sends an electrical current that pushes a smaller hammer inside the currently active cylinder, causing a piece of metal to fly out and at speeds "faster than any pegasus". Twilight realizes that Digerati killed those stallions in the bunker. Digerati states," They were criminals. The old Equestria didn't want them, and My new Equestria doesn't want them. I only pulled a few weeds." Twilight get really angry at that, and starts babbling on. Digerati waves his hoof in the air in a circle, and the main six are all electrocuted with what pretty much amounts to a tazer, until they fall unconscious.

-Summary so far:
-All the residents of Sanctuary were the escaped Earth Pony Prisoners
-Digerati=Gold Chip
-Motive: to make Earth Ponies the new rulers of Equestria.
-Hoof revolvers are a thing

Have you seriously made it this far? Wow. If you could comment your thoughts so far, that would be awesome (as no one proceeds to comment)

4. This is where it starts to get wonky. The mane six wake up in some type of facility, very similar to the sanctuary compound. A screen comes on with Digerati waking them up. Now he is full on Joker-ing it, going power hungry, speaking like he knows exactly what he's doing, with a hint of crazy. Twilight and Rarity have some sort of bolt on their horns. They try to use magic, but Digerati warns them not to. He explains that these devices are attached to one of the leylines (lines on unicorn horns), and if too much magic goes through it, the device will overheat, and explode. Digerati then moves over so the screen shows his troops moving through Ghastly Gorge, the troops utterly wrecking any monsters that pop out. Applejack puts two and two together and realizes that's why "Gold Chip" offered to build that new railroad track. It's brings them straight into Canterlot. Digerati says something like "Good girl. I see simple life does not mean simple mind". He laughs evilly, and turns off the screen. They talk and crap. Rainbow and Twilight fight. blah blah. Then suddenly a pony dressed in Splinter Cell attire pops out, he offers to help them out. They accept the offer, and long story short, make it out of the compound (obviously there would be more to it, but you know).

Now I'm going to summarize the next several chapters right here. In the forest, they encounter monsters, personal struggles, and Rainbow and "Agent S" (the Splinter Cell dude), talk about R and T's fight. S says how he used to fight with his friends. Now he never sees them again, and every day thinks about what could have been different, all the while keeping a very important secret from Dash (this was also going to be heavily foreshadowed on the final version). Again after several chapter (obvious lack of planning is obvious), they make it out of the forest into Dodge Junction. They hitch a ride to Canterlot, but are told all trains to Canterlot are momentarily suspended. They go the next best place, Ponyville. At Ponyville, they immediately go to Spike (woah, hes here too). Spike cant figure out how to get the devices off, and the group decides it not worth it, they need to warn Canterlot. A decision that will cost them.

5.Now remember, I'm doing this extremely quickly, but this is like 70,000 words in right here, or was supposed to be. They make it to Canterlot, and when they get there, they see a giant blue bubble around Canterlot. They go inside, past an array of dead guard ponies, and extremely few Sanctuary Soldiers by comparison. They run up to one of the dying guard ponies and ask what happened. He said they didnt stand a chance. Sanctuary came right into the middle of town through the new railroad, and just started shooting anybody that got in the way. Within minutes, they had set up some sort of jammer, creating the blue bubble, not allowing any contact outside of Canterlot. It's been a fight for the Generator ever since. He dies, and the mane six keep running. Towards the center of the city, there was a lot more noise, pegasus ponies where shooting crossbows down and they got quickly sniped by Sanctuaries superior weaponry. However, there were a lot more dead Sanctuary soldiers around this area. A good sign?

At the Middle of town, they walk in on a stand off. The princesses and their army on one side, Digerati, the jammer, and his considerably smaller army on the other. One of the princesses (undecided) shouts "give up now Gold Chip, even if we keep fighting and dying, eventually you will run out of lambs to sacrifice."
Digerati goes "Don't worry princess, your little protégé here will help me out." He pointed to the mane 6, who come out of hiding. The princesses look surprised and all that. Digerati opens up a glove on his other hoof, inside is a series of buttons. "Surrender now, or Miss Princess and the White one will explode in an array of insides."
"I'm no idiot Miss Sparkle. I knew my army was far to miniscule to go up against the Royal Guard, even with our weaponry. I just needed to hold out long enough to allow Mister S here to escort you out of my compound." (plot twist) They all look over at Agent S (who has by now reveled his real name to Rainbow, as they are romantic lovers by this point, name undecided). Agent S walks over to Digerati in forlorn. Digerati congratulates him, and looks back up at the princesses, all without saying a word. Rainbow Dash yells across the way, but Celestia asks her to hush, and accepts Digerati's ransom. Digerati closes his glove, and waves his hoof in the air. The same bolts are put on all the unicorns and they are escorted away. Rainbow looks back, and S turns away. Twilight looks back, and Digerati Smiles.

In the prison, a few days later, they are talking about stuff. They argue, character development, blah blah. Then the door opens, Rainbow is ready to crack some heads. Then they see its S, who rainbow calls by his real name (Again, undecided). S apologizes, to everybody, but Rainbow especially. He says that originally his plan was to bring him here, but he realized the other races aren't so bad, and don't deserve this, because his time with Dash was the best he's ever spent in his life. Rainbow's reluctant, but he offers a plan to take back the city. The others are overjoyed to forgive him if it means taking back the city. He lets them out, and Rainbow Punches him right in the face, but then proceeds to kiss him. Its all sweet and mushy and stuff. I don't want the romance to be the central point, There's enough romance stories, but a bit of romance is always good for a story.

S explains to them a large majority of Digerati's soldiers are actually robots, or androids. They can think enough to have normal pony reflexes and cognition in combat, but can't think enough to be considered "free will". He says that although they are very High-Tec, built by Digerati himself, they run on Electricity instead of Unicorn Magic, which makes them susceptible to water. Rarity (or whoever really) mentions Canterlot Falls. They all decide they can redirect the water if they enlist the help of all the ponies in Canterlot, and flood the city, destroying all the robots, only leaving the pitiful number of convicts left.

They sneak out into the city, only to find the Pegasi and unicorns have been sentenced to slums, while the Earth Ponies got to live in the rich neighborhood. They decide to go to the slums first. They devise a plan (once you see or hear this, initiate the plan). This takes the rest of the chapter.

Then they go to the Earth Ponies, who are actually not enjoying living up there as much as you think. They are under constant surveillance and the curfews are ridiculously early. They also aren't allowed to leave the Rich District. The mane six tell them the plan, and very few have qualms about going with it.

The mane six (and S) then decide the only thing left is to get Digerati's glove. With it, according to S, they can release all the devices on Unicorns heads, including the ones on their own heads and the Princesses, who are still in the Castle somewhere else. They discuss and execute this plan. S goes in through the front door, and the others enter through a different way. S will talk with Digerati (Digerati realizes that S is having second thoughts, so he tries to convince him he's with the good guys the old villain way). S leads him on, AJ and Pinkie punch out the 2 Sanctuary Soldiers by the throne (Pinkie does it some funny way). Fluttershy tries to punch out the mayor (but we know Flutters), and the Mayor yells. Digerati turns around, and S tackles him, wrestling the gauntlet out of Digerati's hoof. He throws it to Twilight, who then pushes the button S told her to. Also, the princesses are in the throne room in some makeshift cage. They break out, but Digerati's already long gone. Twilight rushes outside and blasts a beam of light into the air, starting the counter-attack.

You can hear war cries all through out town. Rarity and Rainbow Dash are leading the Pegasi by the waterfalls and AJ is leading the Earth Ponies in defending them. There is some funny banter between AJ and RD here as they are fighting of soldiers (AJ/RD banter is my favorite). Twilight and the princesses search around for Digerati, who is making a last stand by the Jammer. They go over there, and the guard ponies are already fighting the Sanctuary Soldiers. Luna asks Twi her, plan and she simply responds "you'll see". After a bit of whatever content here, the fighting stops when he yells. He mentions that he still has plenty of soldiers left to fight, and the city will be reduced to rubble and no one will win. The princesses agree, but Twi begs for just a few more seconds. Suddenly, a waves flows through the city streets, short-circuiting all the android soldiers. After the water passes, AJ and Rainbow return, reuniting all of the mane 6 and S. Everybody slowly gets up, and the remaining Sanctuary soldiers quickly take off their hoof revolvers to surrender.

They all walk over to Digerati, who has a rebar through his heart. He opens up a panel in his body to expose a mechanical heart just barely continuing to beat. Monologue time. Digerati, "Now you know, my father didn't want me tinkering because he knew I had a heart condition. He knew I was smart enough to create an artificial heart to heal myself. But why didn't he get rid of me sooner? He could have done it easily, no one would challenge him. I ask myself this every day. (Digerati is twitching and gasping for breath this whole time) Why? Maybe he knew what I would become. He knew I would kill him, and create this... chaos. But he let it happen anyway. Hehe... Bastard..." Then Digerati dies, and his heart short-circuits in a mini explosion.

The town cheers, and celebrates. The next morning, there is medic ponies everywhere. Cloudsdale is sailing overhead, taking in any ponies that need healing, and all the PoW are being taken away, somewhere else. Celestia congratulates Twilight on a job well done. All the while, everybody is battered and scarred. Rainbow is talking to S (his real name would definitely be used here). S says he can't stay. He's committed crimes as well, and wont take no for an answer. They do the lovey dovey stuff and kisses Rainbow one last time before saying, "hey, don't forget, never take your friends for grant it, you don't know what your throwing away, until it's gone. He turns away and walks off into the PoW ship (they have airships right? Well whatever, add your own transport here if you don't like it). Rainbow tears up a bit, but wipes it off and begins to smile. She turns towards Flutters and apologizes, then over to Twilight, then over to Applejack, who says something like "Oh, don't git all mushy on me now." (you know RD/AJ banter). They all apologize and hug it out. Then a news pony comes by and asks RD for an interview. He says how everyone is talking about her because she was the one leading the waterfall group. This is her time to shine, finally an RD moment, but instead she says, "Ahh, I wasn't the only one. Just say "a group of friends"." Then the story ends on that line.

Seriously, if you got this far, congratulations. I hope it was somewhat enjoyable, or the closure you want for the story. Remember, these were supposed to be extended across 10s of thousands of words, not this I don't know, 2000 word summary. Throughout the story, I kinda downplayed the infighting, but that is a big plot element that would have been delved into more in the full version, as well as the romance between RD and S. And of course, the action scenes and foreshadowing would have been really cool, but I cant convey that properly here.

Lastly, I stand by this. If you want to use any part of this story, whether it's a chunk, or you want to try to finish it for me. Please feel free to do that. You have my full permission. You can shorten it, change parts you don't like, whatever. Although very unlikely, it would be really cool to see this story bear fruit one day.

But that my friends is the end. I learned so much writing this, even if I never finished. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Ad Victoriam, brothers.

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