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I am a former reader, writer, reviewer, and proofreader here on fimfiction. I have officially quit to pursue other endeavors, and encourage you to keep doing what you love. Ad Victoriam

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I will no longer be writing or proofreading. Read for info on where my stories may have gone. · 3:47am Nov 20th, 2015

I. To my... lets see here... 16 watchers (or followers, or whatever the heck), and the 2-3 that actually care (sorry if there is any minor grammatical errors, I spell checked, but didn't go over it too thoroughly) ,

I am officially done with FimFiction, the community is terrible, its just so shi... ha ha gotcha. No, that's not why I'm quitting. I recently took up graphic design, and animating, and motion graphics, and digital art, and a bunch of other stuff. Testing' the waters, you know? Well unfortunately, doing approximately 90 million things all at once takes a lot of time out of my young life (but time is relative, no?). So I have to force myself to get up and write when I have a speck of free time, and it always ends the same.

Crap. It's just not good. Not to say the stuff I have now is Shakespeare, but it's commendable at least. Although that is the main reason, another point that needs to made is for House Rules specifically. It was literally (as opposed to figuratively) my first story I had ever written. It was shit, just shit when I first released it. An elephant could have created excrement more appealing to look at then my story. But! It got better, way better in fact. Like I said, no Shakespearre, but quite admirable for a first story (and no I don't count those rinky dink short stories I typed in an hour in High School for English Class).

The problem still remained though that I was so exited to write it, I hadn't exactly figured out what I was gonna do with it. I had a general outline sure, but it was so sparsely populated with ideas, that I had a lot to fill in. I'll show you exactly what I had planned in the next section, but I just was way over my head. I planned to write 100,000 words, and I could have done it. It may have worked, but all in all, poor planning and time restraints did not allow me to see what more was out there in the reaches of my mind.

Speaking of Equestria Girls song lyrics, you probably saw my story: In One's Element. Actually, it's probably more likely your here for that one, than the other one. On the heels of Equestria Girls 3, I wanted to cash in on some of that hype that was generated from it's recent release, as well as try out my writing skills (being much improved), by creating a new story. I created the general outline, and gave it a more realistic 20,000 word goal. This story was already far superior to the House Rules, even being only one chapter in.

I really wanted to finish this one, but alas, time constraints created many of the crappy chapters I mentioned above. I knew I could do better, but I simply can not devote the time it takes to write it. So I am sorry to say that I am officially marking both House Rules and In One's Element *starts to cry* *but not really, its just a fanfiction srsly* as CANCELLED.

BUT WAIT, there's more! In the following two blogs, I will give out as much of the plot/notes/outlines to both House Rules and In One's Element as I can. So if you want to see what might have happened, get some closure, take some ideas, or even the whole thing to try to finish it yourself. You have my FULL PERMISSION to do that that. You don't even need to credit me if you end up taking it (but if you do it would be awesome if you could send me a link). This concludes the main basis of this blog, read the next one for the info on my stories.

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It's always good to pursue your future and interests. Well done for getting into the graphics field! Best of luck to you and your future. Bye for now.

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