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Chaos is not the opposite of Harmony but apart of it. Both chaos and order together create a balance known as Harmony. Without one you cannot have have the other and without either there is nothing.

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    What would make you cry.

    I'm talking about like something in a story? What would make you, as a reader, legitimately cry? For me have a very loved character die would be the best way to make me cry, or maybe something else tragic. Then again it doesn't have to be a sad cry it could be tears of joy, maybe seeing a character have a come back from a near defeat or even come back to life defying death it self.

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    Immortaly =/= sadness

    This is one thing that constantly irritates me about Immortal Twilight stories, they always have Twilight become super miserable and depressed, or delve into dark magic to revive her friends. I get it's sad to lose friends, but what erks me is that this isn't a thing exclusive to immortal beings, last October my Grandfather died of cancer, my dog died about a month ago, my childhood doctor died

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    No Mane 6 in M&M

    Like the title says I've decided to forget about having the rest of the mane 6 in the story I'm struggling to much with trying to write them in a way that doesn't have them appear as flat, 2-dimensional characters. So yeah no mane six in their place I'll try and add other characters that don't have much in the way of personality that I can just build from scratch for the most part, like

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    Moon and Magic is not dead!

    Like the title says! I have not abandoned M&M and I don't ever plan to, I unfortunately, had to cancel Imperfect due to issues in my personal life, but M&M has no ties to my Personal life so it's safe and will be continued. I haven't been able to continue it do to life still because well I have to work so my bank account is not 0 and I have other projects that I'm working on. One of these

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    My Favorite Story and the One I want to continue the most.

    Redemption of a Broken mare.

    Okay, there's my favorite, bye!

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Episode 24 and 25 spoiler discussion with RDcrystalheart · 12:54am Nov 19th, 2015

PN: Hello every body I'm here with a friend to talk about the next two episodes. Say hello to RDcrystalheart...
CH: Hi! I'm RDcrystalheart! But I go by Crystal!
PN: Okay Crystal I've welcomed you hear to talk about the two spoilers for the next two episodes that are coming out. Lets talk about the first one. What do you think is going on and who s this new pony?
CH: From what we know, she is an old friend of Applejack's. She is also a pretty famous singer, but her manager doesn't have her best interests at heart. Of course, there is still much to reveal, about who Lena's character is, and what kind of pony she acts like.
PN: Hmm... Yes that's true. What we do know however is there is a lot of work going into the song. There was so much emotion in the song that you could practically touch it. It was very inspirational what do you think?
CH: It was very inspirational. And I agree... The emotion that was created from the mere two minutes was absolutely beautiful. I, for one, cannot wait to see the fully animated version of it! How the animators make those emotions so vivid, and in depth, always amazes me! It's so extraordinary, how they can convey such emotion from these make believe characters...
PN: Very true! I too can not wait for the new episode, and considering the spoiler was revealed months before its release we know it has to be huge! Some have even predicted she's actually AJ's mom. How crazy would that be?!
CH: Yup, I've heard those rumors. But, since the episode's summary was revealed, we can cross that one out of the list.
But just think about it... If it WERE AJ's mom... How much would that have changed the plot line of the series? She left to become a singer... And then AJ is visiting her... That would have been a very nice conflict, and it would be interesting to see how it would be resolved... What do you think?
PN: That would be very interesting and explain quite a bit about where AJ's parents are. Well lets move on to the big one. I know your as excited about this one as much as I am so why don't you tell us what you know about The Cutie Re-Mark Pt.1?
CH: Hm... Honestly, I don't know much about it yet. But, I did manage to find the short summary given by Netflix: Starlight Glimmer, hoping to obtain revenge against the Mane 6, acquires a spell that could change the past, present, and future of Equestria forever.
Wow... I'm seriously looking forward to that...
PN: So am I. I actually have a prediction. Do you want to hear it?
CH: Sure!
PN: Okay so you remember how Twilight was explaining that if Dash hadn't done the rainboom none of them would have gotten there cutie marks and would have never met, correct?
CH: Correct.
PN: Well what I predict will happen is that Starlight some how changes history by preventing Dash from doing her rainboom. This also leads me to the description of part two were it's said:

Princess Twilight and her friends continue to fight against Starlight's attempts to alter the past, but they fear that their efforts may be in vain

. If you remember when Twilight tried to change history it created a paradox loop! If Starlight uses this spell then it can't be undone... or can it? So what do you think?
CH: Woah... That's actually a pretty cool theory... If that was to happen... Wow... The outcome of that would be really interesting to watch... You're making me want to watch the episode even sooner now! But, the only sad thing is that it will be the end of Season 5. :fluttercry:
PN: Yes it is sad it feels like only a week ago I watched the creepiest two episodes of MLP in my life and now it's coming to a close. I do wan't to point out one thing about the spoiler though. Is it just me or did spike look taller?
CH: Hmm... I guess he did a little... but it WAS just an animatic... It will probably be fixed by the time the full animation is released.
PN: Maybe. Any way I think that's it for to day. I'm Phoenix....
CH: And I'm Crystal!
PN: We'll see you next time.

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This was fun! We should DEFINITELY do this again! :raritywink:

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