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I'm just a random user who writes a lot of different ideas that pop into my strange mind, and ships almost everything imaginable.

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    So I know I said this like a year ago now, but I may finally be coming back to this site to write. Knowing my luck, stuff will get super busy the day after I make this (I joke but I think that's the exact thing that happened last year lmao), but here's to hoping for the better.

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    Hello, everyone! I'm writing a new one-shot that wormed its way into my brain earlier, and would love to have a few proofreaders review my story. If you like proofreading and would like to help out, comment below! You will be credited in the description of my story, and I will also (hopefully) find a way to integrate one of your OCs into one of my stories if you wish to (sort of) repay you.

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    Hello! :pinkiehappy: For whatever reason, I had a huge urge to draw some little things tonight, and ended up doodling some Chosen Love characters that I thought you might like to see!

    If you are not caught up, don't look! There's some spoilers!

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For All You FNaF Fans · 3:17pm Nov 2nd, 2015

This is for all the Five Nights at Freddy's fans. You might have already seen it, knowing how fast word gets around, but I'll show it to you again.

Okay, who wouldn't love this? It's adorable. :rainbowkiss:

Now, I have to wait for a FNaF game and Pokémon game; considering they're both supposed to come out in 2016. Next year will be fun...

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When I first saw it, I laughed like crazy! :rainbowlaugh: But I am rellay excited! :pinkiehappy:

Since it looks like it'll be a turn based rpg, I think Scott took Five Nights at F:yay:ckboy's to heart and is now making his own Fnaf themed rpg.

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