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General Update: I Hate Fall Allergies Edition (+RSD soon!) · 4:14am Nov 2nd, 2015

Hello, folks!

First, let me apologize for my radio silence lately. I've missed two T3 posts in a row now for sure, and just been silent on other media as well. Between work, car maintenance, some needed repairs around the house, other real life stuff, and a level OMGWTF sinus infection, October can be summed up for me thusly:

But, a new month hath arrived, and hopefully a fresh start as well. And with that, I do have some good news to share!

Red Shoe Diaries: Update Coming Soon!
Finally broke through some writer's block and was able to complete the draft of the latest RSD chapter. Edits and polish followed quickly after, and it is now waiting a final quality check from the person who requested this chapter. Yes, you read that right - this was my first ever reader request! I hope to have the chapter out in the coming days, and I hope the requestor, and everyone else, enjoys it.

RSD readers: I'd be happy to explore future request chapters (within certain limits), so if that ever interests you, send me a PM!

Signal Boost: Sunset Slayer
I was recently honored with an opportunity to join the editing team for a new story by the famous Pen Stroke. The first two chapters of Sunset Slayer came out yesterday, and there is still much more in store for our EQG-based heroines, led by everyone's favorite bacon-maned magical girl.

If you like EQG stuff at all, or are looking for a good adventure crossed with some classic supernatural baddies, then you should definitely give this a look.

Signal Boost: Three Words
The esteemed Noble Thought grabbed a share of the spotlight today when his story Three Words landed on the front page of EQD. This got its start as a monthly Writeoff entry, but morphed and grew into a deep, emotional look into the life of Equestria's most famous pop star, Sapphire Shores. I was honored to assist Noble as a pre-reader here, and I really think you'll enjoy this story. It's definitely worth your time.

Signal Boost: Black Lotus
I also had an opportunity to assist my collegague and friend, Winston, with one of his stories, Black Lotus. This thought provoking tale looks at Twilight's attempts to logically come to terms with her experiences with Luna and the Tantabus. Her methods are fascinating and mind-bending, the conclusions she toys with are both wondrous and terrible. And the story will stick with you for a good while when you're done. another story I was honored to help with, and I highly recommend regardless.

Now, since I missed a few T3 music posts, here's something epic to try and make up for it - the last ever Trance Around the World episode in its entirety. It is, to me, one of the absolute best compilations of EDM hits I've ever heard.

Until next time, take care folks! I hope you all have a great week!


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Comments ( 3 )

Thanks for the boost! I used to get seasonal allergies really bad, so I know the special level of hell involved in that. :pinkiesick: Hope the coming month has you feeling better.

3515185 Ah, someone to share my pain, lol!

You'd think Advil Cold-Sinus was my new candy addiction lately. D: Finally had to go see the doctor when things failed to improve, and he set me up with my old buddy Augmentin. :fluttershyouch:

I know how you feel, Moff....I was a regular Entes and Bactrum junkie for years! Then I found a doctor who finally agreed with me that I had an allergy to something. Turns out that in the South, many people are allergic to mold. How can mold survive in a warm, wet environment? Oh, that's right, that is what it thrives in! Yay living in the South.
Anyway, glad you're feeling better and very much looking forward to the next Red Shoes!

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