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I am an aspiring author and bookstore owner living in NSW Australia.

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    :twilightsmile:I promise to get back to writing stories in the new year. I have been working on my novel, and distracted by many things. Next year will be better. :ajsmug:

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    I am sorry. My story and life in general is being delayed due to Hearthstone addiction.:facehoof::moustache::fluttercry::ajsleepy:

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    I know I need to put out the next chapter to my new story soon. I'm part of the way finished, but I have more to go. I am not sure how I want to finish the story as it is about Lord Tirek's past. I want to tell the story of how he acquired his hunger for power.

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    :moustache:I know you all are waiting for my next story.:ajsmug: I am writing a couple of stories now.:rainbowhuh: The one most likely to be published by me next is a crossover with characters from Magic The Gathering.:pinkiesmile: I am even crazy enough to attempt to create my own card block to go with it.:flutterrage: Spoiler alert.:raritywink: I plan to include a romantic subplot with Twilight

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    I hope people read this.:twilightsheepish:I hope people like this.::pinkiesmile: This time I think I've got it.:ajsmug: This is the one that'll blow 'em all away.:rainbowdetermined2:

    That's how I imagine most authors feel when they post on this site.:raritystarry: But how high should an author set his or her sights? What is a reasonable response to excpect?

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Knowns · 3:36am Oct 26th, 2015

The more things that are known about Equestria and the beings who dwell in it the less room their is for fanfic imagionation.:twilightsheepish: Princess Cadence is pregnant.:pinkiehappy: This was confirmed in the episode The One Where Pinkie Knows.:ajsmug: I would like to be happy for the young couple, but it is difficult for me. :fluttershysad: It destroyed my head canon.:raritydespair: In my head canon, all Alicorns are immortal and barren. :rainbowderp: This would explain why Princess Celestia had no children of her own.:trollestia: It could also allow for their to be adoption episodes. I was thinking of having Shining Armour and Cadence adopt the child of King Sombra in my fanfic.:unsuresweetie: Now it can never be the same.:facehoof:

All I can say is they better keep their backstory ideas away from Sunset Shimmer, or I will be forced to write convoluted time travel stories. :flutterrage: Thanks for listening to my whinging. :scootangel:

See you next time folks.:moustache::raritywink:

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