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Toriel is my favorite Mom ^~^ (BTW I'm also a game designer! Current Project: Bound By Fate)

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    My new account is Violet T if you wanna know

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    Good bye guys

    I'm moving accounts this is officially a dead account

    I'll PM some of you what's my new account

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    New account

    Making another

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    Guys please don't Bother Rachel


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    I'm done

    If you know Princess Screwball she's going to cause drama so I'll be taking a break off FiM if you need me

    Skype: TheRealPonykun
    DA: same thing
    Gmail: TheRealProkun@gmail.com

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I'm going to write · 11:02pm Oct 14th, 2015

Yay! now what to write...hmm

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There was a story you talked to me about before, with the six children becoming the new mane six.:twilightsmile:

3470485 Are you going to write that one? I liked the sound if it and some of my OCs played roles in it.:rainbowwild:

Hmm I might have an idea for a colab like story. I want to talk in a pm though.

3470486 if I can find the doc then yes

3470508 I may change the main characters

You OC eats pizza!

3470575 No I have a Mane 6 Story

3470539 Alright, I remember when you made the anti-me.:derpytongue2:

3470576 ...
The Mane 6 eat pizza?

3470579 It was like the twilight for their group, but evil.:derpytongue2:

3470592 Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh...........
Do they eat pizza?

3470595 Don't have that Idea

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