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Frisk Ramirez

Toriel is my favorite Mom ^~^ (BTW I'm also a game designer! Current Project: Bound By Fate)

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    My new account is Violet T if you wanna know

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    Good bye guys

    I'm moving accounts this is officially a dead account

    I'll PM some of you what's my new account

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    New account

    Making another

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    Guys please don't Bother Rachel


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    I'm done

    If you know Princess Screwball she's going to cause drama so I'll be taking a break off FiM if you need me

    Skype: TheRealPonykun
    DA: same thing
    Gmail: TheRealProkun@gmail.com

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New account · 7:37pm Jan 11th, 2016

Making another

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I'll find you I always will!*laughs evily*

3679897 Perhaps I'm not informed enough on the situation. In layman's terms, the fuck is going on?

3679901 Is this an issue you'd rather report to the mods?

3679904 I wish but she has so many accounts

3679908 IP addresses. They can locate any account made within the same vicinity of any other account. The mods could find every one.

Maybe. I really have almost no idea how those things work. But they can find all of them.

3679924 Anything else you can give me as to the actual content of this little feud? From what I'm understanding, she's blackmailing you into making a new account. That's all I get.

3679915 Yep and I can still text and email everyone!!

3679935 You realize you're the villain in this situation, right?

3679941 I'm so confused, it's not even funny. What's you?

3679960 I'm not entirely certain Frisk wants me to reveal the details of this feud. I have barely any clue what's going on, myself. :facehoof:

3679965 I all ready know more or less. Regardless of one OP of another's life style choice. Don't you think blackmail is a bit of a overreaction?

3679970 Indeed. I just don't understand why Frisk doesn't just report her.

3679980 Who know what is it the mind of a young person? I can both sides seeing as I have stuck my big nose in the middle it. Oh the follies of youth. So class what we learned today? Never send naughty pix innless you truly do not care if the world can see them.

3679996 Dude, I'm 14. And I totally agree with that. :rainbowlaugh:

3680007 I have been online longer then you have been alive. Dang I'm old...:raritystarry: Thanks! Now I feel bad..:moustache:

3680032 Nah, don't feel bad. I took no offense. :twilightsmile:


3679924 We can absolutely do something about it if you're being harassed like this. Please block any accounts you're currently being contacted with and report any future ones that get made. If you want to PM me with screenshots of the other accounts she has used to harass you, I will go through and ban every single one of them permanently right now.

Harassment and blackmail is not tolerated on this site, and if you work with us we will do everything we can to combat it.

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