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Frisk Ramirez

Toriel is my favorite Mom ^~^ (BTW I'm also a game designer! Current Project: Bound By Fate)

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  • 297 weeks

    My new account is Violet T if you wanna know

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  • 297 weeks
    Good bye guys

    I'm moving accounts this is officially a dead account

    I'll PM some of you what's my new account

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  • 297 weeks
    New account

    Making another

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  • 297 weeks
    Guys please don't Bother Rachel


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  • 297 weeks
    I'm done

    If you know Princess Screwball she's going to cause drama so I'll be taking a break off FiM if you need me

    Skype: TheRealPonykun
    DA: same thing
    Gmail: TheRealProkun@gmail.com

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Guys please don't Bother Rachel · 7:30pm Jan 11th, 2016


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Hmmm I'm Not Sure

Ross & Rachel? Or... Batman & Rachel? I don't know any real Rachels except Rachel Laity and she's probably not who you're talking about...

3679871 You are under 18 If she puts them up that is child porn. The threat of doing so is a crime in its self.

3679914 I'm dead i'm done...I need a new account

3679916 No. You need not to send naughty pix to people (at all) with your face exposed. I do not say that to be mean or hurtful. Plus if you run now you will run ever time. So say buck you post them and I will see you in court.

3679940 No just call it a learning curve issue. Changing accounts wont really help it will get out who you are/were.

3679954 I know but I'm getting out of this I needed to start fresh

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