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Toriel is my favorite Mom ^~^ (BTW I'm also a game designer! Current Project: Bound By Fate)

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Bios! · 11:57am Jul 8th, 2015

In no certain order
Also new elements
Carter is the Twilight of the five he's a deep thinker but can also be a bit playful and would always try to do everything the fun way.
Element: Reason
Ships: None at this time

Evan (Vanoss):
Evan or Vanoss he likes to be called is the Rainbow Dash of them competitive and very layed back he loves to joke around but when it's time to get serious he get serious.
Element: Seriousness
Ships: Vanberry (Him and Blueberry Shine)

Tía is the Fluttershy of the group she's very shy but can really open up when she get's to know you or when she gets emotional she often hides the fact that's she's blind so she doesn't seem too different.
Element: Acceptance
Ships: None at this time

Blueberry Shine:
Blueberry is the Rarity of the group she loves to try to create new things and loves to give but often she kinda rushes things to do something else.
Element: Patients
Ships: Vanberry (Evan (Vanoss) and her)

Keja is the Applejack though her honesty can get her in trouble at times but she's very kind hearted and loves to help others.
Element: Helpfulness
Ships: None at this time.

There you go the mane 5 and also ship them if you can thanks!

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