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I give folk what they want, nothing more. And that just happens to be poorly thought out Fanfics with bad updating schedules

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  • 114 weeks
    Our dog

    Our dog Remington just died about a hour ago and we finished burying him. Im sad :pinkiesad2:

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  • 127 weeks

    Frankly, would anyone actually be intrested in me taking another crack at this? Yes, its been dead for damn nearly four years now but that doesn't mean it cant pull na courier six and get back up?

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  • 136 weeks
    Decided to go and watch Detective Pikachu

    Well it wasnt quite meh ill go and watch it; it wss more ive been EEEEing like a little fanboy to go watch it since the first bloody trailera came out :rainbowlaugh:

    And i very well loved the movie. It was a treat; the movie is probably the best video game movie ive seen without a doubt. The world honestly looked like how id expect the pokemon world to look in real life. :pinkiehappy:

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  • 155 weeks
    Bloody cowboys

    Still not dead. Just... Enveloped in red dead 2 since christmas:twilightblush:

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  • 168 weeks
    Im not dead... Just dormant

    Im not dead suprisingly just.... Lacking the motivation untill recently to do more writing in the pastel horse literature department. I totally blame pokemon for thie injustice. Created

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Go read the crap that inspires!! · 9:44pm Oct 11th, 2015

This fic Caverns and cutie marks is what inspired Band of Invincible idiots!!


Or they'll find you

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Not what I meant but okay XD

I've read all 41 chapters

3463036 That puts you ahead of our illustrious friend Bluey here :rainbowlaugh:

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