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Should be getting my first of many (hopefully) Unique posters tomorrow. · 2:12am Oct 5th, 2015

I just hope it looks good. I paid extra moneys to have it made with a professional material finish to keep it from wearing and fading away. Like a plastic wallet basement nerds put their super-duper-ultra-mega-hyper rare limited edition superhero comics in.

If anyone reading this is one of such people who do that, we (that's Unique and I, by the way) would like to apologize to those people who were offended by that comment.

We know you actually prefer to surround your extremely rare Chewbacca action figures with never-before-seen ammo belts or whatever in bulletproof glass and sealed in an airtight vault that opens only to your retinal scans, voice confirmations and sperm count.

Oh, and also I found out that there was an episode of MLP where Big Mac actually spoke full sentences and a lot more lines than he usually has had in previous episodes...but...he's dressed as a girl so he can pose as Apple Bloom's cousin for a race or something.

So we've seen him as an alicorn princess, and now he's dressing up in ladies clothing. If I see him in the Ponyville spa getting his hooves filed and makeup put on him, I'm making a very awkward poster of it.

Also, I've a sneaking suspicion that Trixie's coming back in another episode before Season 5 is done. I recall seeing an image of Twilight and her dressed up pretty smartly, but Trixie looked kinda sarcastic toward Twilight, so I'm gonna guess and say Twilight's gonna try and help out Trixie with something, but Trixie's proud ego causes conflict despite amendments that were made before.

Well, I'm off to bed. Goodnight everyone and everypony.

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5AM? Come on Unique, you gotta get your rest.

3443823 Starlight Glimmer discovers a way to change the past, present and future of Equestria?

Okay, I'm calling absolute bullshit on that. Seriously, if that is all because of some scroll or book telling her how to do that, then Equestria is officially the dumbest country in the MLP universe; so many dangerous artifacts and magical spells just laying about for anypony to find.

I was hoping that if Starlight ever came back she'd get killed by the Truth. If you don't know what I'm talking about you haven't read my fanfic 'No Glimmer Of Hope'. XD

3443788 Fine 'Dad'. Or better still, 'Mom'!

3443866 I prefer the term "Big Daddy".

3443823 Hmm. Then maybe...it's a teaser image for Season 6 perhaps? Or maybe it will have something to do with the Starlight Glimmer episode then, if the past is going to be changed. Maybe Trixie is involved in it somehow.

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