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I Will Buy You Time: a game about not being the hero · 11:43pm Sep 25th, 2015

It's my birthday... but I got YOU a present.

"I Will Buy You Time: a game about not being the hero" is a short, experimental RPG Maker game created both to showcase my writing and teach myself about combat systems. No ponies, sadly, but still: an RPG written by me. It's currently in beta, and I'm looking for people to try it out before I unleash it on the forums of the interweb. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, send me a message and I'll provide a download link.

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What sort of game is it? How long might one expect to play?
What feedback would you need?

3419774 It's an RPG in the style of early Final Fantasy games. I personally can run through it in a little less than an hour, plus the same again for the bonus content, but I'm the most familiar with the mechanics and the game is by no stretch easy. I'm looking to see what kind of experience people get out of the game, what strategies are the most effective, if there's anything I need to change, and if there are any lingering bugs.

I am interested.

3462240 Fab.

Since posting this I've gotten a couple of bug reports back. Are you willing to wait a couple days until I've solved the Invisible Ogre Problem and uploaded a new version?


Of course.

I know I'm a couple of months late, but I only just noticed this blog and the game doesn't seem to have materialized anywhere, so...

I'm rather fond of both your writing and tuned JRPG mechanics, so this seems squarely within my interests. I'd be happy play through the game to give you some feedback if you're still looking for it, otherwise, uh. Take this as an excuse to finally release it? I dunno.

(Also, I'll totally admit that for some reason the title made me think of a ridiculously sappy VN first, because I completely forgot the normal connotations of the phrase and tried to take it as a literal purchasing of an abstract concept.)

I liked the other game you made and would be willing to play this one too if it's still around.

still holding out hope you will finish the first one.

4452596 Oh, it's been a while, and I haven't been idle. Wait just a bit and I'll have something way better for you.

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