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Has no business writing horsewords. Writes anyway.

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  • 117 weeks
    Yes, I'm alive

    Yes, Pulling Heartstrings was published for a moment before being taken down. Yes, it's being rewritten. No, it's not going to be nearly as cringe as it was with its initial iteration. Yes, the plot line will remain mostly the same. No, I will not make Jason a Gary Stu. I will be making an attempt at having the story make a bit more sense than it did when I first wrote it. Yes, it will actually

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  • 210 weeks

    So, apparently I'm alive. Who knew, right?

    Aaaaaaanyway, I've finally come back from hibernating (read: gaming the night away while screwing my sleep schedule even more than fimfiction already does), and I've managed to finally crank out that chapter after so long. And I shall continue churning out chapters on a more or less regular basis, now that I finally got the ball rolling.

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  • 229 weeks
    So Many Followers...

    Seriously guys, this is getting nuts. It wasn't that long ago that I broke 30 followers, and I check my user page to see I'm now at 38 followers, and that makes me happy. For real, seeing that you guys enjoy my stories (which is a miracle in itself, because I really should stick to an update schedule...) makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I like things that are warm. And fuzzy. And also

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  • 239 weeks
    New Chapter Released

    Pulling Heartstrings just got a new chapter released, and you can get it from here. Let the chaos begin!

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  • 239 weeks
    New chapters inbound for Pulling Heartstrings

    Hey guys! Been a while. I've been dealing with life and all that crap, and now that I've sorted it out, I have more time on my hands to work on Pulling Heartstrings. I'm on a roll with writing, so expect a few chapters to roll out within the next couple of days. Don't be surprised to see like ten chapters or so by the weekend, at the very least.

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New Chapter Out! · 7:24pm Sep 14th, 2015

Chapter 9 of Second Contact is out, check it out here: You Just Got Shamalan'd!

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