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  • 56 weeks
    Teaser: On the wings of an Eagle

    Hello all, Nightie here with a small snippet for a teaser, to get you thinking about the new chapter. I'm definitely writing again since I was able to finish Before the Dawn, the words are pretty much flying onto the page with ease. No more writer's block and depression is manageable. So here's an update of the upcoming chapter: On the wings of an Eagle. Hope

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  • 56 weeks
    Final update-before the dawn

    All that remains is some minor spelling corrections and formatting, the chapter is nearly finished. It will be posted when I get home from work tonight. Look forward to it.

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  • 57 weeks
    Update: Before the Dawn

    Hello all, Nightie here with an update! I have been writing quite a lot. (Really every night this week, and most of last week.) And we're making pretty good progress thus far. So as a teaser to get your attention, I figured I'd release a small snippet to you. Show some love and leave your comments!

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  • 60 weeks
    Here we go again.

    Hello everyone, I'm back from the dead. XD

    So, let's go over a few things. New tablet for drawing and writing, with comfortable to use keyboard: ✔.

    New job that does not leave me horribly depressed, or with a hand that was shredded to ribbons: ✔

    5th and final surgery that now allows me about 90% function in my hand? :✔✔

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  • 127 weeks
    Update official release date: 9/18/2016

    Hello everypony! I'm here with the last blog post before I put out the two chapter special: Before The Dawn. That's right, it's actually a big enough post that I'll have to split it! I don't think you want another 40k word chapter in one shot, do you? At any rate, to help with the teaser, here's the music theme for the chapter, a small snippet, and even a

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Final revision before chapter release · 11:32pm Sep 13th, 2015

Oi! Readers! Need your help finishing this chapter before it's officially finished editing and ready for post, and the thing -will- be posted either tonight or tomorrow afternoon, savvy? So, the question is to have clop, or not to clop? Comment and vote. Most votes wins. Get to it!


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Comments ( 5 )

What you believe is the best for your story.:twilightsmile:

3391303 I need a yes or a no. So cross that line, or do not?

Alright alright
No clop,

But get some sexy scenes XXDXD

I say CLOP!!!!

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