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Offical Writer of MLP:BA and lover of the comedy genere. Read my stuff or don't.

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    Ponyville Central END!

    Hello once again everybrony! And once again a big thank you for everyone who showed up and or liked my story. Your support and feedback has all been instrumental in the making of this story. From commenters with helpful words to everyday PMs to give encouragement and talk about the joys of anime and Ponydom, from follows to blog posts I really couldn't have done it without any of

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  • 327 weeks
    Ponyville Central Season Finale! Next Week!

    Hey EveryBrony! Me again and I'm here with a lot of announcements to make so I'll try to keep this short for all you impatient types (Like me) out there!

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    Hey everybrony! Your favorite writer is once again back, though in lower spirits.

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    Tests and Changes

    Hey everybrony! I'm back again!

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    I don't normally post Blogs on Monday, But.....

    Am I just an insensitive American clod or is it just a mistake on my part, how did I not know that this was a thing? It may be a it late over here to get into the spirit of things but I just thought I should let any other oblivious Americans out there know about the new Holiday out there.

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Yet another Quick blog post! · 6:58pm Sep 13th, 2015

Hey there Everybrony! Good to see that you're all still following me despite how long my story is turning out! And for those of you who have already granted me the honor of your likes, Thanks you. Anyhow since I'm in the writing mood I'll make this fast! First off what did you think of the startling plot revelations this time around? Could you see it coming? Was it too unoriginal? Or did you enjoy it? Granted either way the storyboard is already drawn out so I'm not changing it. Expect more plot twists in the future.
Second NEW EPISODE HYPE!! A great Rarity Episode in my opinion, and it really did focus on her without involving her friends too much, which I feel gave us a better look at Rarity herself, not how Rarity interacts with her friends, which we've already seen a lot of already. Everything (Except that pony behemoth in the end) made it a great episode to start of the hiatus with in my opinion.Anyhow! Enjoy my story, be sure to like, and I love all of you adoring fans out there waiting for more!

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