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On my way back home tomorrow! · 3:50am Sep 8th, 2015

Ah, tis' been a lazy day today. Well, besides me somehow ruining the pool netting and my little bro smashing awooden statue while playing a game of 'kick the rubber ball into a wastebin'. Other than that, we're all about ready for home.

And I have many plans for when i get back. Oh yes. First order of business, i shall send my waifu Twidashloverxox a mildly sexy email. Next, i will make a small web comic of my own to annoy Obabscribbler and EileMonty for not inviting me to BronyCon and for spamming my emails with love letters saying how much they want me and stuff (though that might have been a dream, but still they should keep out of those too!) and then I am gonna reveal why MandoPony is a douche-nipple.

And then after that is done, i shall prepare some new animation ideas while working on my story which i couldn't write on this crappy tablet. Then i need to plan out those t-shirts i want to have made. Does anyone here know somebody who can make me a Unique plushie?

And then after all that,, i'm going to Disneyland! (yeah right. i know what that big mouse does behind closed castle gates...)

so, i shall chat with you all tomorrow. Florida has been fun and eventful, but at the end of these two weeks, home is where the heart is. And my beloved dog and laptop.

See you all soon! And you also my dear Twidashloverxox!


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Does anyone here know somebody who can make me a Unique plushie?

I wish I new how to make plushies. Sewing machine, check. How to use one... uhhh.... nope. Don't have an embroiderer either. Or patterns. :twilightsheepish: Still would be cool to be able to make them.

Have a safe flight back home. :twilightsmile:

You always make me smile. :3

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