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What's up everypony? The name's Jay from somewhere in Europe and I create stories surrounding an OC who originates from Earth

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  • 243 weeks
    Returned from hell

    What's up everypony,

    I have returned from the hell that is college, but it's uncertain whether I still post stories or not.

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  • 405 weeks
    Merry christmas update

    Whatsup everypony, Jay here,

    Yesterday, my vacation started and I'd like to wish y'all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    I might have a slight chance of finishing several open stories, but I'd have to make time for that, due to holiday parties my friends have organized.

    Also, I'll be celebrating Christmas with my family, so I won't be writing then.

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  • 409 weeks

    Hey guys, Jay here,

    Last Sunday I've started writing the second Zomquestria story. It'll feature a new OC as well as another new villain

    Also, I'm busy converting my Dutch YouTube channel into the channel for this FimFiction account. It'll feature, readings, Gaming with commentary and it WILL be English. Yes, with an Texan accent.

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  • 416 weeks
    Recent activity update

    Hey guys, Jay here,

    With the recent airing of the Third Equestria Girls movie, I've decided to write my own one.

    However, that story was already in producing, and atm it is not even 10% done!


    Just letting you guys know that I'm working on it, so that you'll not think that I've commited suicide because of some bad comments.

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  • 417 weeks
    Calling for a cover art creator

    Hey guys, Jay here,

    Lately, my story list has been growing and I'd like some nice cover arts for it.

    So I've decided to let some of the community try creating some,

    If you want your cover art to be used, send me a PM with a link to your cover art.
    This could variate between Facebook to DeviantArt, anywhere where you can post images.

    That's all


    Jay the Cyberpony,

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Elements of Family Revealed · 12:45pm Sep 5th, 2015

Hey guy, Jay here!

In this blog post I'll give out the Elements of Family, and what they present as Element of Friendship

As you have read through my Season 6 line(I'm talking about the first story!), you'll probably know that there exist a total of 12 Elements of Harmony, slipt in Friendship and Family. This Explains the whats and the hows behind it.

Rainbow Dash - Loyalty = Jay TCP - Creativity

Applejack - Honesty = Gary YCP - Fairness

Pinkie Pie - Laughter = Rick TCP - Happiness

Rarity - Generosity = Orlando TCP - Liberality

Fluttershy - Kindness = Jane TCP - Gentleness

Twilight Sparkle - Magic = Kaylee TCP - Smartness

This is the raw format. Sorry for the complicated stuff, but I lost the final format of this list, and because I have lilttle time, I just post the raw format.

Within two weeks, you'll get final format, ZAT IS A PINKIE PROMISE!

Jamy(You'll get me name soon enough)

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