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Would you give Princess Celestia a belly rub? · 7:40am Sep 5th, 2015

Would you give Princess Celestia a belly rub?

Celestia wants a belly rub with your human hands. The last belly rub she got was by a human one thousand years ago, who is long since dead from old age. So, she requests have her tummy rubbed by you, a human.

Would you be too nervous to give her a belly rub considering she's the princess? Or would you be not nervous at all? Or would you give her a belly rub, yet feel nervous?

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Comments ( 13 )

Give the belly wubs:rainbowkiss:

I will not give Celly belly rubs, I give to Twilight instead. :twilightsmile:


Poor Celestia.... you're so mean.

Twilight me waifu, Celly no adorkable. :rainbowkiss:

Why are we still up so late?
Oh and yes i would......and go straight to da puh "if ya know what I mean":rainbowwild::raritywink::pinkiecrazy:

I would grin a nasty grin as if i had just come inside rainbow dash.:rainbowkiss:


I live in Ireland (it's only the morning), different time zone I think to yours I'm guessing. (guessing, I don't know what time zone your in.)


Butt her butt! Surely you can't deny her butt?

Well... They're... Sort of human. But, none the less, YAS.

Obviusly and probably even more than a belly rub

I would give here all the rubs on the belly FOREVER!!! :pinkiecrazy:

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