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I'm just here for the Dazzlings, to be quite honest. Bow to the queens.

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MLP Questionnaire. Let's do this. · 10:31pm Aug 21st, 2015

(I'm including the movies too)

Fav characters?
Luna, Applejack, Maud, Aria, Sombra, and Cheese Sandwich is kinda cool. I like Celestia, too, but eh... I tend to jump between liking her and thinking she's a demonic mastermind pretty quickly.

Least fav characters?
Rarity (sorry), Trixie (not sorry)

Fav background pony?
Octavia cause cause.

Least fav background pony?
Vinyl Scratch. Let the flames rise. I'm sorry, there's somethin' about the glasses and her hair that makes my eyes explode.

Fav Mane Six member?

Least fav Mane Six member?

Fav CMC?
Sweetie Belle! :rainbowkiss:

Least fav CMC?

Fav princess?
Luna, of course

Least fav princess?
Hmm... Cadance

Fav season?
Actually, the first. Pinkie's songs were A-MAYzing in season one. Plus, Winter wrap-up. Plus, Pinkamena. Oh, also their GGG gowns.

Least fav season?
Three, I think. Just, meh.

Fav episode?
'Hurricane Fluttershy'. Pegasi are my fav ponies, and pretty much because of this episode.

Least fav episode?
Erm. 'Baby Cakes'. The slapstickness and the flour thing really started annoying me after a while.

Fav episode focused on your fav Mane Six member?
Probably 'Pinkie Apple Pie'

Any episode you hate but everyone else loves?
But everybody likes everything. Maybe 'May the Best Pet Win'. Because I don't care about Tank... like... at all.

And the other way around?
Erm. I wouldn't know what everyone else hates either. 'Hurricane Fluttershy' is my fav though.

Any guilty pleasures?
Moar Maud being Maud, please. Is that a guilty pleasure? Idunno. She burned the hell outta Discord, though. I was highly entertained. :ajsmug:

Fav season premiere and finale?
'A Canterlot Wedding' and 'The Crystal Empire'!

Least fav premiere and finale?
Erm. 'Princess Twilight Sparkle (*shrug*)' aaand 'Magical Mystery Cure'

Fav song?
Pinkie's Laughter Song is forever my fav. Idc idc idc.
If we're talking movies? 'Battle of the Bands,' hands down, forever. Aria and Sonata's backup harmonies are just too much gorgeous.

Least fav song?
Whatever that thing was that Cheese Sandwich sang.

Best villain?
Come on. Really? *Sigh* Ok, I'll entertain this. Sombra if in the series. Sirens if overall. And as much as I like Aria, Adagio is the best and most shifty villain of them all, imo.

Worst villain?
Erm. The Flim Flam Bros or some shit. Whatever.

Like Equestria Girls?
... Just a bit, yes.

What about Rainbow Rocks?
... It alright.

Looking forward to the third movie?
Hell yea. And I don't even care if my headcanons get destroyed in the case that the Dazzlings make a reappearance, either. DESTROY MY EVERYTHING WITH FIRE. I AM YOURS, EQG. :fluttershbad:

Speaking of movies, looking forward to the 2017 movie?
Kinda. Too far away from now to care tho.

Fav shippings?
Bon bon and Lyra. Pinkie and Cheese. Luna and Sombra... yea I went there. And I'd really love to ship Adagio and Aria together cause they'd probably be like an old crotchety couple, slapping each other in the head with their walkers and hearing aids, but then pulling out their dentures to make out with each other five minutes later, and I find that highly entertaining, but alas... I'm pretty sure they'd more likely put each other in the ground if that were an option... Eh. What the hell. A girl can dream.

Least fav shippings?
Um. Whatever this Appledash thing is I guess. I don't get it. I mean... I get it. But I also don't.

Fav bronies in the community?
MrAskAPirate, Bluegrass Brooke, Cold in Gardez, CherryCreampie, SkycatcherEQ, and gosh there's a couple... Umm... This is a trap, isn't it?

Least fav bronies?
Cmon. Really? I mean, I don't have a least fav anyone unless someone is being a dick to, or intentionally doing things that hurt others, etc.

Any character you didn’t like but grew to like as the series progressed?
Cadance and I are kinda cool with each other now, I guess.

Have a waifu?
In movie? Do I even have to say it? Aria Blaze all day. What a babe. *90s flips my hair*

In series? *siiiiiiiiiiiigh*...

...SHUT UP. :facehoof:

If you could remove one meme from the fandom, what would it be?
All meme r great.

And finally, can you name anyone you want to guest star on the show?
Hmm. Someone with a unique voice. Oo, that dude who does Master Shake's voice on ATHF.

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Comments ( 5 )

>not liking Rarity

And I thought we had something...

JayKay. Seeing Adagio noted as your #1 makes up for it. ;)

Whatever that thing was that Cheese Sandwich sang.

But Weird Al Yancovic is awesome! :raritydespair:
Anyways, opinions. I quite like Appledash, but it is still inferior to Twidash, the master ship.
Also, let's be honest: Fuck Sombruna.


Forgive meh! I tried to like her... I tried. :raritydespair:

... that being my favourite emoticon is a bit ironic, innit?


But Weird Al Yancovic is awesome!

Oh, don't get me wrong, I LOOOVE everything about Weird Al! That song tho... *sigh*

Twidash? Ok, now I'm confused. But to each his own. I can see how Sombruna would be trash to a lot of folx. :rainbowlaugh:

3337353 Twidash makes the most logical sense to me.
They're almost complete opposites in most respects but are similar enough to have a connection, they play off each other brilliantly, and they each cover each others weaknesses.
(Twi's intelligence and magic matched with Rainbow's street smarts and strength, while Dash covering Twi's insanity fits when Twi can be a great motivator, better than Dash at times.)

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