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I'm just here for the Dazzlings, to be quite honest. Bow to the queens.

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God, I miss this place... · 7:23am Jun 19th, 2016

Let me just... Can I just... sprawl out right here and not leave?

This year is nuts, and I'm exhausted. I've had to shut off most of my hobbies for like a month (as you've probably noticed), and I've had to shut off the news for the past week because I finally just burned out after the whole Orlando thing. I know it's never good to assume, but I figured it's been blatantly obvious for a while now that I'm super-bi. And this whole thing for me is... Ok, I'll stop.

Good things. Great things. Please, tell me some great things that have been going on with you lately. Let me e-hug your face, friends.

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Welcome back!
Personally i got my very first job last Friday. I'll be starting the 9th of july working as a web developer in the next town over. So i have a bit of a travel distance to get there (about 1 hour 30 by train) but I'm looking forward to it. I've been there having a sort of practice run with them since th 9th of May and that will end on July 9th then, hence that's when the real employment starts.

// Sphex

Let me e-hug your face, friends.

*E-hugs you back*


Nice and congrats! I do some web development as well, interestingly enough. Glad to hear that you're on your way!

You know, I was just thinking about you yesterday. Welcome back. Can type more later when not on my phone.

Things have been decent, I suppose. Finally got over with exams and such.

I got a new car.

It was going to be a blue Sonata and I was planning on going the extra mile for custom license plates that said 'DUSK'... but then I realized I didn't want to be paying $450+ a month, so I got an Elantra instead. The rest of the joke kind of fell apart at that point, :applejackunsure:

... That story was less positive than I thought it would be, :twilightoops:

Oh! Getting geared up for CTCon in July. My wife and I are planning on a duo cosplay of Maka Albarn and Soul 'Eater' Evans from Soul Eater, so that'll be a lot of fun. I'll do a convention report like usual, so you can live vicariously through us for a weekend, :derpytongue2:

Hey, bud! How ya been? Glad to hear from you!


Haha! :rainbowlaugh: Oh, man. Don't worry. That joke is perfect just the way it is. And the convention report is a must. I expect big things!

Related and also unrelated, but I am dreaming of actually cosplaying for the first time at Comic Con this year (if I manage to snag tickets that is). It's damned elaborate, and near impossible but I was thinking Marceline the Vamp Queen... with working axe bass that I will be playing and singing all of her songs to...

I know. Purely confined to daydreams at the moment, but one day... one day I swear it'll happen.

Man, I could so pull off an older Aang cosplay it's not even funny (like from the flashbacks in season 1 Korra). If I did ever go to one of those cons, I'd consider it. ;)

On my way back down from a 4200 elevation gain mountain hike. Hence all the phone access only today.

4034201 Con fever is so real. I wish I could build guitars n' gem necklaces n' shit.

4034210 Hmm, could you pull off an Aria? I recall you saying something about frequenting the live punk rock scene. :coolphoto:

As for what I've been up to on a bigger picture lately - a bit more writing (but not on Homesick...) and also drawing more. Check the dA if you haven't in a while. ;) Current project, though: if you've seen any of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure this might strike a chord. Or if not, just think Dazzles in alternate outfits. http://sta.sh/02b4xr54t0o1 Still have a ways to go.

I found that talking to people on the internet, while a bit weird, actually does help. I got past a sever bout of OCD depression thanks to some kind words on a forum.

4034645 Aria's clothing requires some know-how to make. And I'd want to do it up right if I did it, y'know? Gosh, not to mention the hair... Her stars...

... She is too awesome to imitate the way I wish to. :rainbowlaugh:

That pic you posted!!!&÷£!?! Mrrrghh!! :heart:

4035873 Yea, I think you're right! I feel so much better after hearing from you all.

Oh hey, looks like I'm late to the party o.O

Hmm, some good things to share. Well this coming up Tuesday I will be going to the MST3K reunion show! Should be a night of many laughs. Also got a new laptop! Hoping that excitement will inspire me to start writing again. *fingers crossed*

Sure hope the rest of the year will be less hectic for you.

So random question, any thoughts so far on the new mlp season?

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