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I'm just here for the Dazzlings, to be quite honest. Bow to the queens.

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Go on then. Mollywhop me. · 11:26pm Apr 21st, 2016

I totally deserve it.

Oh, before you do that, though. New song. Vocal version within the fic chapter, as usual:


*stands here awkwardly* :twilightoops:

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Uh... Wut?! :rainbowhuh:

I've been gone, and have not updated at all for an obscene amount of time... Obscene. :rainbowderp:


Well then, in that case, I'm glad to see you back and welcome back! :twilightsmile:

Oh, and don't sweat it. Everyone's entitled to a sabbatical from time to time. even the most enthusiastic and prolific of us get burned out and need a break.

Again, welcome back!

This blog title, right below Aria's face in that pic.
Hard to say why, but it's giving me this big stupid grin.

Hope to find a stretch of quiet time this weekend to give it a read.

No worries Theigi! You warned us your updates would be slower. Love the song buy the way, great lyrics and haunting melody.

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