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The Writing Process, I heard some people like this · 12:42pm Aug 19th, 2015


Velvet Step sneaks out of the theatre? Solid Snake style. Her only mission avoid detection and get to that bath.


Shocked look around the room post feeding
Hears some of the other girls still in the building
Puts on the war paint aka frosting
Sneaky sneaky hall
Da ceiling splits
Blob o frosting falls
Quick duct escape
AAAAHHHHH spi this is so cool
Roof top to roof top
Maybe sees something random for padding
Blind navigation based on smell, hmmm restaurants
Makes it home.
Crystal not surprised
That was for the eclairs...

Many words that are Chapter 2. If I was a more prolific word smith this would be a scene instead of a chapter.

The Setup

Crystal and Sunbeam conspiring FOR VENGEANCE, no troll goes unpunished
Heading to drop off the payload
NO stealth needed
Possible random cameo
Leaves cupcakes
Gets out just as Velvet is coming down the hallway

24 spoof?

'Chapter' 3 process

This is my writing process in a nutshell. I was able to skip the make characters that aren't terrible step even with OCs by blatantly borrowing existing ones from the Quill n Blade setting (Don't do this without some kind of okay from the creator(s)). I edited to deletion my 'method' from chapter one, but it was the same as this with other words. Word flow goes: Idea into outline into many words followed by a re-read to see if I can spot my own errors. Things I learned while mashing my keyboard in terror: I am terrible at mistyping 'my' for 'by' and vice versa. It is better to put <INSERT NAME> and <SUNBEAM SHOP> into the beta text instead of breaking word flow and replace them later. A second pass to get an x00 word count because just random amounts of words is to easy is actually kind of a fun game.

Comments ( 2 )

:rainbowlaugh: You outline like I outline! And I do the <INSERT NAME>, too. Anzel actually caught that in one chapter during editing where I had "<look up fancy name for restaurant or something>" in there.

And, yes, the x00 word count challenge is kind of fun, isn't it? :pinkiehappy:


It was an interesting level of added challenge. The really funny part was when I was heading towards the final word count and kept changing little things swinging me past the line both ways. Sadly I am now in the midst of the final author thing, waiting for the story to pop up. Then I'll see if the all OC story (on top of being a blurb with no context) can duck the downvote train. :rainbowderp:

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