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For anyone who says Fluttershy has not developed her character at all . . . · 12:22am Aug 19th, 2015

(skip to 13:42):

. . . . . . I'm just saying, it's a bold-faced lie.

Have a nice day. :yay:

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Comments ( 25 )

I think most people who talk about Fluttershy being underdeveloped refer to the Season 4 episode Fili Vanilli, in which the writers reuse the same old "Fluttershy is scared of being out there" excuse. Personally, I think she's developed the greatest in Season 5 so far.

3330193 I wholeheartedly agree. :yay:

Since when did people say Fluttershy had not developed any character?

3330223 Strangely enough, there are people who still believe that. Can you imagine such a thing?! :pinkiegasp: There are no words for these people, really.

And of course, I really don't need to mention to these same people the time she beat the crap out of Rainbow Dash just so she wouldn't bully her into watching the dragon migration. "Underdeveloped", my ass . . . :ajbemused:


In the meanwhile, Applepony needs better character development.


Character development.


I think that Fluttershy and the rest of the mane six are all developed characters. Some characters like Twilight have more dramatic dynamic development to their characterization while characters like Fluttershy require slower pace development since her flaw is shyness which is something that can't be solve in only one episode (baby steps). Also just playing devil's advocate but the clips you posted are episodes from Season 5 which is the season in which Fluttershy has been getting the most development. The Fluttershy critics would point out that the previous seasons only used the same "shy" troupe in Fluttershy episodes so for future discussion you should use clips from older episodes that show Fluttershy development. You could also make a before/after clip of her character's development like how in Season 1 she was scared of her own shadow to Season 3 when she was able to stand up to Discord to help reform him. Now the character in MLP who is really underdeveloped is Spike....alas poor spike :fluttercry:

3330513 Perhaps. But I had a hard enough time looking for the clips I found. I could just as easily have posted Fluttershy telling the Breezies to leave, beating up Dash to keep from going to the dragon migration, or firmly saying no to Rarity at the chance to join the PonyTones, not to mention pretty much ALL of "Hurricane Fluttershy", but the ones I posted illustrated my point far better, anyway. That, and it is quality over quantity, after all.

Now, Spike, I agree with you, there. In fact, if anything, his character has gotten worse over time. :ajsleepy:

3330245 futtershy does have charter devolpment and should had had in the season 2 finale when they were going to undiscord the mane six lol

also ive seen the tank's for the merioes thing bfore in the epsidoe

3330537 True, all of those moments in those episodes could have supported your argument. It's funny and sad that Spike's best character development, imo, was during the first equestria girls movie. :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Darthdarius117 deleted Aug 19th, 2015

The issue isn't that fluttershy doesn't have any character development the issue is until now it hardly stuck. She'd do one big thing and then go right back to her cowardly self which, while it is adorable, is the reason she's worst mane 6 pony for me. At least now it's all starting to show that she learned something in the last 4 seasons

3336231 I blame most of that on Season 4. They took a huge step backwards on a lot of these characters (Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Sweetie Belle, Pinkie Pie [especially], etc.) in favor of the overall story arc. It's the reason Season 4 is the second worst to me (behind the rushed and half-assed Season 3).

3336238 I don't think it's mostly season 4. Look at dragonshy in which she forces a massive dragon to apologize and leave and yet by dragon quest she's once again so scared that she stomps down rainbow dash to leave and that one isn't so much standing up for herself as much as it is being cornered and lashing out to for an opportunity to run. Then in hearths warming eve she performs in front of a good sized crowd and by hurricane fluttershy she's terrified to even show up to the pegasus meeting and has a panic attack when she tries to fly to check her wing power. The only episode that shows any character development for her before season 5 is keep calm and flutter on. I'll leave filli vanilli and it ain't easy being breezies out because those 2 are season 4

3336546 In "Dragonshy", her friends were in danger and she did what she had to do. In "Dragon Quest", she was not required to go to the dragon migration, and was being bullied into it by Rainbow Dash. In "Hearth's Warming Eve", she performed with her friends there. Most of "Hurricane Fluttershy", she had to display her wing power alone, and for much higher stakes. There are circumstances that give reason for the fluctuations in her character, just like any other character. More for her, because shyness is not easily beaten; it's a long process for anyone. Trust me. I know. You can't fault the character for not being able to overcome it as easily as anyone else. In fact, it makes her a much more relatable character.

3336565 while you're right on some counts by that logic she should have been fine to go to the dragon migration because all her friends were there. And yes circumstance does allow for fluctuation of character but to the point of an emotional breakdown is a bit far when there's tons of pegasi there to take off the pressure. The main pressure is getting the water to cloudsdale and there's tons of pegasi to help with the and the record. The personal pressure would be looking weak and while that may cause some issues it wouldn't cause a full blown panic attack

3336628 You don't realize how damaging social anxiety can be, do you? It's totally believable for Fluttershy to panic like that. It happens all the time in real life. I myself feel that way fairly often; I'm no good in front of people, either. Just because the other Pegasi were there to help, doesn't mean they wouldn't have made fun of her, which is what she was afraid of.

And that's another thing: bullying. That brings back trauma that no one can shake off easily.

So, yes, it would and could easily cause a full-blown panic attack.

I disagree.
Fluttershy did say "NO" when Rarity just assumed that she would go to the pony tones. She did it out of kindness to the animals, that's one thing that she has kept.
Also you don't just let go of your shyness all at once. Singing in front of crowds was still quite far for Fluttershy. Also Pinkie Pie summoning up everything that she was afraid of didn't really help.

I agree that Fluttershy has changed more than any character of the mane six, I think even more than Twilight has. She has kept her kindness but she has almost completely shed aside her shyness. I think the episodes with the breezies was really hard for her, the breezies had been nothing but kind to her and appreciative of everything she has done for them yet she still had to be mean to them. It has made a tremendous impact.

One thing I'm noticing is that Fluttershy is taking over the role of mother figure for the group from Applejack. In season 1 she really was like the foal of the group but now she's more of a mother. Like when she scolds the others when they complain about the village.

3339160 :rainbowhuh: Where do you disagree at? I actually agree on all counts.

sorry, only the first part was disagreeing. I should have put that in.

3339207 Oh, about the PonyTones. Okay, that makes sense, now. I don't remember her saying that's the reason she said no, though. I'd have to see the episode again, I guess. :applejackunsure:

I meant that her kindness to the animals is why she agreed. She no longer let's Rarity talk her into something she doesn't want.

3339216 Oh, you mean the end. :twilightsheepish: Well, I always thought she'd agreed at the end because she'd learned not to let her stage fright keep her from doing what she loved, but at the same time wanted to work her way up to bigger crowds, which is why she sang for her animals instead for lots of ponies.

Um... You don't seem to know the episode well.

I'm SapphireWings999 and I approve this message. :yay:

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