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    Yes folks, it's time for bronycon, and as a baltimore native, it behooves me to attend. No, not just attend, but work! I will be working as a liason for some of the panels, and spending my spare time in Quills and Sofas. Stop by and get your badge flag, I finally got them made. And if anyone wants to toss a donation my way...

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    Had a blast as usual. It was more fun then last year, despite having very few panels I actually wanted to attend. Instead, I attended more unofficial events, and was invited to far more parties. Dear lord, how did I wind up giving lessons on how to drink at a party? Hmm, I wonder if we could have a panel on that next year?:ajsmug:

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I'm Back! · 1:39am Aug 13th, 2015

Bronycon was a blast! I met with tons of people, many writers, and once again got to talk shop with folks that share common interests. It went a long way towards reviving my love of the fandom, and of writing stories, and I have already started some updates. Look forward to R4R and Interesting Times being updated in the near future, and hopefully the completion of Patchwork Pony. I also managed to guilt my Editor into getting back to work, although who knows how long that will last, lol.

On a side note, I started working on an idea I had at the con, for creating a Badge Ribbon to hand out to the writers in Quills and Sofas. I was a bit envious of the Musicians lording their ribbons over me, and decided we need one of our own! I have created a rough mock up of what it may look like, but I would really appreciate feedback on the design. For now I went with a parchment tan ribbon, bearing black lettering. I used Papyrus font, and the Fausticorn cutie mark. Nothing is decided yet, and I still need to see how I am going to find this. They are pretty cheap, with a $14 setup fee, $8 shipping, and between 16-32 cents per ribbon depending on how many I order. I was thinking an initial run of 250, for a total cost of $71. If we need more, future orders will be cheaper, since I only pay the setup once.

Lemme know what you think!

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Yeah, something like that would be great. I know I love the idea of having a ribbon for our badges that lets people know we're writers. I like the use of the Fausticorn cutie mark, that was a nice touch. :raritystarry: Were you going to do any other layouts? Though, I do like this one. It's fitting for writers. :eeyup:

gonna have to stick to one, but I am accepting feedback if you have any ideas

First, I like the ribbon idea, and second welcome back! Seriously, glad that you got to go to Bronycon my friend. I'm hoping that next year I'll get to do the same.

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