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    Post Con Report

    Another year, another Bronycon. I'm not sure anyone reads these, considering how long since I've updated, but here goes.

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    It's that time again!

    Yes folks, it's time for bronycon, and as a baltimore native, it behooves me to attend. No, not just attend, but work! I will be working as a liason for some of the panels, and spending my spare time in Quills and Sofas. Stop by and get your badge flag, I finally got them made. And if anyone wants to toss a donation my way...

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    Any Publicity is Good Publicity!

    Holy crap, is it really that old? Angst Much clocks in at story 94 on this site. That's right, not even triple digits!:pinkiegasp:

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    Someone asked about art for what the ponies in the R4R universe look like. Well this is the closest I have been able to find!

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    Had a blast as usual. It was more fun then last year, despite having very few panels I actually wanted to attend. Instead, I attended more unofficial events, and was invited to far more parties. Dear lord, how did I wind up giving lessons on how to drink at a party? Hmm, I wonder if we could have a panel on that next year?:ajsmug:

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Any Publicity is Good Publicity! · 4:19pm Jan 10th, 2017

Holy crap, is it really that old? Angst Much clocks in at story 94 on this site. That's right, not even triple digits!:pinkiegasp:

A fan sent me this on my Deviantart page. I found it hilarious, if more than a little sad. Many of the criticisms are either pointing out grammar mistakes I never bothered fixing, mostly because I'm too lazy to re-edit my FF.net submissions, or show sheer ignorance of the fandom, internet culture, or the ability to spot obvious humor. Pretty sure at least one of them was getting stoned during this as well.:pinkiesick:

I won't lie, my first story was a horrible shitshow. However, in my defense, it was my first ever attempt at writing a full story, and I was basically writing a dream I had. Yea, my dreams are pretty screwed up. I hope I have improved since then, but name any artist that likes their early works! Anyway, enjoy!

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For the record, I'm not even upset about this. I have thick skin, can take criticism, and these guys aren't even close to good at it. I've been roasted by some real masters.:twilightsmile:

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