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I am a student of economics,history and biology. I've come here to produce my seminal work Draconomachi. I hope to complete a and have it edited and posted somewhere it'll get noticed.

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    Spike's Caudal Nucleus and a Dragon's natural HyperThymesia

    Here are some medical terms required to understand some dialogue that'll be coming at the end of "The Wyrm Has Turned"

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    Learning and memory

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    Join me in Google Docs! the plot thickens

    I'm putting together the beginnings of my bildungsroman story!

    That'll lead into Draconomachi!

    The part you are about to read is the opening frame story that leads to the narrative of Spikes life up to his 22 year.

    *If I'm not on you can leave comments to show me problems or concerns or confusion*


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    Fiction is any work portraying imaginary characters and events, as a novel, story, or play.

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LUNA VS RARITY!...sort of.... (Unreconciled in a nutshell) · 5:45am Jul 31st, 2012

Okay. I haven't blogged in forever so my blogging skill is practically shriveled up. whatever the case, I'm going to make this as fun and informative as possible.

The next update to Draconomachi is in itself a whole story. A prelude- blah blah nothing new!

I originally previewed it under the title: The Question of Evil. Since then, I have changed the title to 'Unreconciled'

Right here, I'm going to lay down pretty much what's going to happen but it won't ruin the read so don't worry.

It will function as a character bridge from the canon to the fic series.

Spikes romantic switch from her:

to her:



I pretty much have it that:
Rarity is like the perfect woman, but due to some traumatic events between her and Spike, He's left too guilty to approach her as a friend or even an equal.

He begins to gravitate towards Luna for her flaws.

Y'know, because Luna's also has an inner nature she can't control that's caused her to hurt her loved ones.

I mean what can you do for one who is not only a morally superior than you but hell bent on sacrificing themselves to you?
How do you handle those feelings?


It get's more interesting when Spike has to work around a maturing Sweetie Belle who suddenly shows a bit of interest in him, but for a possible ulterior motive.

And as you can tell from the screenshot, it's all a memoir Spike makes while very sick.



Better Start over....

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Comments ( 9 )

SOOOO MANY IMAGESSSS!!!! *passes out.* Either way, good luck with the story bro, if you need any more editing done, I'm all yours.

Hold on, hold on, wait a second.......a Spike/Rarity that turns into a Spike/Luna that then swiches to a Spike/Celstria that finally shifts over to a SpikeBelle and hopefully stays that way? SHIT....COUNT ME IN!!!!!!! This is going to be such an amazing story that the Shadowbolts are going to have to slap me in the face.....and I'm tired as buck :rainbowlaugh:

Ooh, Spike and Rarity drama! I'm in! :pinkiegasp:

Makes sense to me, although you've already explained this shiz to me over PM's and all that good stuff, so x)

This should be intreseting:duck:...........

Looking forward to it~

Hrum... Looking good.

Yet to see how it goes...

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