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I am a student of economics,history and biology. I've come here to produce my seminal work Draconomachi. I hope to complete a and have it edited and posted somewhere it'll get noticed.

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    Join me in Google Docs! the plot thickens

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    That'll lead into Draconomachi!

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    Literature vs Fiction and WRITER'S BLOCK! RAWR!

    I'm quitting work to write ponies.....

    LOL Jk.

    I'm resigning from work because schools starting up again and my schedule is wholly incompatible.

    but I will have some days off before classes that will be conducive to writing.

    now where was I?

    oh yes:

    Fiction is any work portraying imaginary characters and events, as a novel, story, or play.

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Literature vs Fiction and WRITER'S BLOCK! RAWR! · 12:50am Aug 8th, 2012

I'm quitting work to write ponies.....


I'm resigning from work because schools starting up again and my schedule is wholly incompatible.

but I will have some days off before classes that will be conducive to writing.

now where was I?

oh yes:

Fiction is any work portraying imaginary characters and events, as a novel, story, or play.

Literature: All writings in prose or verse, especially those of an imaginative character,but especially those having excellent form or permanent value.

This little passage has my writing paralyzed...not really but I keep returning to the same lines to see if I can draw something of value out of them.

I am high strung about what makes the writing POP OUT!



Fluttershy bit into the sandwich and let the tomato and cucumber mix. It was good, but a bit too much.
She tossed it to a festival pig and went on her way.


Fluttershy engaged the array of flavors stacked betwixt the bread.
Her pallet was whet and her tongue was wetter. She cleaved through the wheat and vegetable strata, salivating more and more at the stimulation.
There was a bit meat in each bite and she knew. She knew.
Eyelids did flutter, breathing did stutter and the tongue felt the spice of murder.
Her cheeks burned rum red for this sin.

She bit and swallowed till she could no longer. Not out of guilt but fullness, the glutton's desire.
She couldn't take another taste of the food for she would surely fall ill.
The smell, the color, the size was all in excess. A single tier of the now menacing meal would have sufficed as sustenance in the wilds.

She looked to the grasses growing and blowing, from the earth and in the breeze. She saw the produce of nature.
She looked at her table and saw the machination of culture.
She breathed deeply. Her exploration was done. She had tasted the heinous culinary hubris that was modern food.

The minute passed and the festival roared on.
Griffons and ponies gathered in peace to celebrate and share in the boons of robust trade.
The cuisine of combined meat and plant eater was the result of such interaction and the unprecedented wealth it brought forth.

She walked by the pen of the blue ribbon hog and tossed the remains of the sandwich to him.
The Ham ate the ham as well every other piece.

"Omnivores have it easy," Fluttershy sighed critically "They don't know dilemma or restraint."

See I just wrote that on a whim!
Do you have nay idea how much that sucks!!!

I can't seem to move one inch over what I want to write but I can devise crap like that on the spot!


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It is okay, my brony comrade. If we believe in ourselves - and with a tiny pinch of magic, all our dreams can come true.:twilightsmile:

Oh.... Kay then?

I would suggest trying to contine with your fanfics, but I don't really know how much homework you'll get on the weekends.:unsuresweetie: Anywho, I hope that you'll find the time to work a little more on your fics and hopefully get out of your writers block.:ajsmug:

Good lord, man. That was... Strange. :rainbowlaugh: I can't say I can relate, I'm not all that great of an author. I simply strive to reach the level of competence you seem to have gained, despite your current writer's block. You could do what I do, let it sit a while and relax. Stop thinking about it and do something you want to do. Play a video game, write a one-shot, doodle a picture. Forcing yourself to write might not be the best course of action. Though, this is just a bit of advice. Take it with a grain of salt. :twilightsmile:

Don't forget the third type of writing: "W.T.F. DID I JUST READ" type writing.
Writing that portrays the knowledge of absolutely nothing but random.
An example:

Rarity rounded the corner in hot pursuit of the random carrot. It was running faster than any other type of creature she has ever seen. With food teasing the shining white mare, her hunger grew.

The chase felt like it went on for hours. What was it about carrots that Rarity liked more than flowers? No pony knew if it was the round, cone shaped build of the wonderful vegetable, or the bright but dull orange that seemed to glow in her eye sight.

Now, that concludes our wonder of "W.T.F. did I just read?"!

Next time: "W.T.F did I just write?" :trollestia:

Welcome to the unspeakable horror that is the literary life, Mag.:pinkiehappy:

When do you go back to school?

276019 next week! So, my last day being tomorrow, I 'll have Thursday through Monday to write!

Now for the really important question . . . where did you get that picture of Fluttershy eating a sandwich?

What I've usually heard from pros is that you should look at writing as work. Some days, like work, it doesn't go well, but you have to do it anyway. Some days, it flows, and some days it doesn't, but do it anyway.

My fave sf writer, John C. Wright, suggests that writer's block is a sign you've done something wrong. It's an indication you need to back up, find the problem in the narrative, and fix it so you can continue again.

I found the sandwich art through google while throwing down that little farce. It's there for you to save if you want it.

Well I'm working though the block right now. I had hit an idea while at work and put some notes down so I'm kinda getting along.

Also how'd you like that random sammich tale? :trollestia:

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