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    Everfree Northwest - MY PANELS

    In the next few weeks, come join me at Everclear North-

    In the next few weeks you can see Me at FLUTTERPRIEST NORTHWE-

    Henlo fam. Everfree Northwest is in the next few weeks. AND IM A COMMUNITY GUEST. :D

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    Cool Streams today!

    Going on right now, Monochromatic is doing a Mario Kart stream that's quite fun! She's suffered multiple times for the Hot Sauce gods. Go support! It's a great crowd and all the profits go to Cynewulf who is going through a tough time.

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    Explosions in the Sky

    Breathe In
    Breathe Out
    Breathe In
    Breathe Out
    Breathe In

    Happy post-America day, friendos.

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    Let me do my job.

    I took a sick day today.

    I'm proud that this community is strong enough and internet savvy enough to band together to help and save people.

    But some days I wonder if large communities like this, with these sorts of parasocial relationships...

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Bronycon! I don't know how to handle this. · 3:56am Aug 3rd, 2015

Well. In just a few days I'll be on a plane to Baltimore. I can't really believe this is happening. I've always wanted to attend this convention, but never really found a reason to do so. I guess I've finally found a few good reasons, heh.

My Cosplay for the weekend. Except, I won't be wearing badass armor. I should e easy to find. However, if there is another Anon, believe me, I will give them a massive high-five

I'm going to be at con all three days and I'd love to meet anyone who's read something of mine. We don't even have to talk about stories. I'd just love to meet some of you awesome people. I'm going to be hanging around the Quills and Sofas room at some point on the weekend as well as sending dumb tweets the whole weekend. If you wanna meet up with me, Just send me a tweet to @Flutterpriest or send me a PM!

Now. I find that there exists the possibility that I might not be able to be in my awesome Anon Cosplay. That I use for everything. I mean. Everything. So, I'm going to do a first. I'm going to show you fantastic people a picture of me with my face. Here goes nothing.

I can't possibly regret this. Self consciousness intensifies

I'll be hanging around Anonpencil and will hopefully meetup with #Horsefamous AiE Narrator: Wuten! And hopefully with Chelis! Who I haven't seen since Babscon. I'm so excited.

Well. That's it. Here we go. Bronycon. Let the tipping intensify.

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Judas Priest is awesome (my third favorite band, behind Iron Maiden ((second)) and Black Sabbath ((first)), and in fact, I consider those bands to be the "Big Three" of Heavy Metal).
I had the opportunity to see them in concert on the 15th, but my dad forgot to buy tickets. I was absolutely CRUSHED, but I played it cool.:ajsleepy:
At least I could probably see Van Halen on September 4th. And I know that's a Redeemer of Souls album shirt.
You're in a band as a drummer?

dang good luck and safe trip.

Lol, I can't go since it's so expensive, if I could I'd cosplay as Solaris or Braeburn.

Yep! I've been a drummer for longer than I've been writing! It's so fun.

I actually found that gif online. It's not mine.

I do have a kitty cat though. Her name is Jade and she is a -massive bitch-. She hates everything. Absolutely everything. She has begrudgingly accepted me as her human and forces me to pet her as a show of fealty.

She's the best.

3291118 I plan to be a singer.
Finding a guitarist? They're a dime a dozen.
Drummer? Shouldn't be too complicated; Hell, one of my friends wants to be a drummer for me.
Bassist? Oooh... That's gonna be quite the predicament.

Great singers and Bass players are -so- hard to come by. You can do it! I believe in you. Just push yourself and try your best.

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