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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety; I also have a Let's Play channel. :twilightsmile:

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    LP Channel

    TL;DR - Check out my gaming channel.

    Hey, everyone, just popping in with a quick blog to remind you about something.

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    Another Reading

    StraightToThePointStudio has done a reading of the second chapter of Get Strawbe-Wrecked, as well as the sequel written by Strawberry Sunrise, which you can find below.

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    Someone Wrote a Sequel for Get Strawbe-Wrecked

    The aptly named Strawberry Sunrise has written their own sequel to Get Strawbe-Wrecked. I always appreciate it when people write things based on my stories, and will gladly share them with my followers.

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    Reading of Get Strawbe-Wrecked

    I am always happy when people do readings of my stories, and will always make a blog such as this to showcase it. As such, StraightToThePointStudio has done a reading of the first chapter of Get Strawbe-Wrecked, which you can find below; the second chapter didn't exist at the time this was made.

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    Sequel Revoked

    'Strawbe-Rematch' has been revoked because one of the mods sees it as 'a chapter of the same story submitted as a separate upload.' I can't honestly say that I agree with this, but the same time I know I can't argue about it.

    Regardless of what I think, the sequel has been added as a new chapter to Get Strawbe-Wrecked.

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I've Had Another Collab Idea · 10:33pm Aug 2nd, 2015

This kind of collab has probably been done before, but here's how the idea would work:

* I write one page of a fanfic.
* The next person in the collab then writes the second page — but the thing is, they will only see the last paragraph (or line, not sure which would be better) of my page, meaning they have to use their imagination to continue the story.
* Repeat until out of collaborators, at which point I will wrap things up and post the story to Fimfiction.

Of course, to keep things smooth, there would be a couple of guidelines:

* Each page would be written in Google Docs, using 14pt Times New Roman. This would ensure everyone writes exactly one page.
* The story itself would be about a certain character or group of characters. This would ensure that the story is somewhat solid, and doesn't bounce from one character to another all the time. Then again, that might be interesting to see...

This is only a basic idea, and so I haven't fleshed anything out. Let me know what you think, and - if enough people are interested - I will begin to organise everything. It'd be nice to have this done in time for my birthday (August 25th), but that's probably asking a lot. :twilightsmile:

Stay awesome.

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Comments ( 5 )

So basically an improve story game? Sounds cool.

Can I help? It sounds like a lot of fun!

May I participate in this collab??

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