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    wow she's inactive

    hi guys! ok so my epic comeback wasn't very epic. but i was just feeling nostalgic and felt like coming back here, just to read my old stories and blog posts. not gonna lie, i cringed the whole time. :twilightoops: but taking a trip down memory lane was fun.

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    Questions About My Account, Stories, Etc

    So, now that I'm back, I have no idea what I'm going to do. I'm also hardly going to be as active, so I'm still questioning what to do with this account.

    First of all, should I make a new one (account)? This account is pretty old and screams "younger me" *coughcoughmycringystoriescoughcough*. So, should I make a new account with a new name, new stories, everything?

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    *coughs* Dead Account Much? Lol Henlo

    Wow... it's been a while, eh, Fimfiction? I wonder how much this site has change... heck, I wonder if you guys even remember me. It's been over a year.

    I'm here to say that I'm back... for good this time. Yays! :pinkiehappy:

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    Just thought I'd come on and say hi... only this once, unless you're lucky. I miss you guys, but I'm getting through. I may come back to this site one day, just so you know. There's your message from me. SUCK ON THAT, I AIN'T DEAD!!!!!!!!!! :yay:

    If you were a close friend of mine and want to email me:


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Who Needs an Editor And/Or Proofreader? · 3:27am Aug 1st, 2015

If you need one, comment on this blog post or give me a PM!

I was originally going to give out five slots, but decided to push it down to four since I'm also somebody else's editor (I can do more than one, trust me).

1. Rosegamer
2. Twilight Phantom

Comments ( 16 )

Sadly, I already have proofreaders for my important stories.

So, can't really ask you now can I?

Okay, that's fine! If you make any more important fics, remember to consider me as a proofreader!

Umm may I ask: proofreaders just read the story and give you feedback right? Does an editor just fix your grammar errors? If that is true I need both:twilightoops:

A good proofreader will point out spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, and maybe simple contradictions in your story (e.g. a character is described as having a blue mane in one scene and an orange mane in a later scene).

A good editor will go further, suggesting ways to improve the story - bits that should be cut out or abbreviated because they're too long and boring, bits that need to be expanded because they're too rushed, bits that are lacking in emotion, dialogue that sounds awkward, characters acting out of character, etc. They will get in your face and hassle you until your story stops sucking.

3286433 Oh, thanks! I didn't really know thank you again for the info!:twilightsmile:

3287104 Yea both, but a proofreader is the most needed

Okay, I'll give you a spot! PM me to get started!

3288087 Thanks! I'll PM you soon, cus the next chapter of my story is on it's way! And thanks again!:pinkiesmile:

Could you maybe proofread my upcoming story with dragons in?

Okay! When it's ready, PM it to me!

Could you proofread my stories?

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