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    My Fellow Americans will know without my even needing to say what.

    I remember it very clearly. I lived only 30 minutes north of NYC. I was in my 6th grade math class when the first plane hit. There was an announcement on the loudspeaker, and everyone went silent. For about a minute. Then there were murmurs, then gasps, then cries.

    "My [family member] works there!"

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    So yeah, the last publishable chapter of DaD (for now) is up. I'm still working on the next ones, as well as the prequel (which I think needs a little more attention at the moment), so it's gonna be a little while before more chapters come up. The Author's Note for this chapter also has a few things to say.

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    Hope you enjoy!

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So I Started Watching Death Note · 10:04pm Jul 22nd, 2015

As the title says, I started watching Death Note yesterday. I saw a couple of stories on here a while ago that said they were crossovers with DN, and it sparked my interest, so I put the show on my To-Watch list. I just finished episode 13 (when Light first meets Misa), and I have to admit, I'm hooked. Guess it's time for a Netflix binge to go along with my classwork and my writing. Oy vay.
Oh, and in case there's a difference, I'm watching the English Dub.

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Comments ( 3 )

Do it! Been so long since I seen it, that I have forgotten most of it. :twilightsheepish:

As for the English dub... only fanboy elitist get all pissy about people watching the dub instead of in Japanese and reading subs. Most of them are stuck back in the early 90's thinking when it comes to English voice acting in animes. It is much better nowadays... most the time. I always prefer it in English when possible as I am a slow reader so only watch with subs when forced.

Ugh! Death note. My loathing for that series is unbound.

I did love it when I was reading the manga, and I can't say anything because of spoilers, so buzz me when you're done with the series and we can chat. Also, you'll likely know the part I think turned to shit when you see it.

The other thing is how many people do just one thing at a time these days? I watch dubs because I am usually doing something at the same time.

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