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Cthulhu, Discord, Sheogorath, Sithis. Welcome to the Madhouse. We have stories here. I never said they were good, but they are stories. I got displaced and things when I think of an idea I write it.

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  • 299 weeks
    How things are (APPLIES TO ALL STORIES)

    Okay everyone this is long overdue, and I got some explaining to do. See, I'm back at school now and so my schedule's cluttered with work and the like, and couple that with a serious bit of writers block you get a recipe for a lack of updates. Don't worry, I'm just gonna be taking some time to plan things ahead before putting ideas into writing. This translates differently for each of my stories

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  • 304 weeks
    I got bored and did a thing.

    I got bored so I drew Springtrap. (image swapped for link due to technical difficulties)


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    Here's Brother Moon's sequel at long last!


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  • 306 weeks

    Okay so here's the deal: For updating My Life as I'm gonna do it the in the same method as Steven Universe. For those of you who don't get what that means, it mean I'll be putting out groupings of chapters every so often. I've put out the first in a group of four chapters, so enjoy and keep an eye out!

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  • 306 weeks
    Agar.io moment with not much purpose

    I got bored. So I decided to kill some time on Agar.io. I made my username 'Springtrap' and played until I got the #1 slot. Then I gave all my mass to someone titled 'Golden Freddy' and made them #1 with even more mass than me.

    It was surprisingly epic.

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HYPEHYPEHYPEHYPE · 1:02am Jul 14th, 2015


Report ArcIsDead · 302 views · Story: Sir Freddy the Golden! · #FNAF 4 #FNAF
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I'll admit, I never really liked the FNaF series for any reason other than the story hidden within the cheap-as-fuck jumpscares. However, this new one has peaked my interests.

little baby springtrap!

Oh sweet Luna no:rainbowderp:
What person is foolish/brave/retarded enough to bring these animatronics or anything of the sort HOME!?!?!?:derpyderp2:
I CAN'T WAIT!!:pinkiecrazy:

Woooooohoooooooo cookies for Scott cawthon

Good god, this scared me sh*tless

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