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Slice of Life · 4:47pm Jun 13th, 2015

Suddenly Changeling, out of nowhere.

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Comments ( 13 )

That's... both adorable, creepy and a bit sad.

Saw it too. LET'S CELEBRATE! :pinkiehappy:

Now it makes Changelings a part of the world, istead of beeing a one-time thing!

I look forward to the stories explaining that. Among other things.

Well, he came to the right place for a buffet. No better place to get love than at a wedding.

This episode alone is a fanfic writer's dream come true. Like, seriously.

My favorite part of the entire episode which really encompasses the entire thing is how nonchalant the entire town is about monster attacks. Bug Bear attack eh must be Tuesday, my suit needs to be altered better run around town in a panic. Based on that a changeling sitting in the back row probably doesn't even register on the calamity scale.

I like'd that shot, shows that changelings aren't some kind of universally loathed monster. Sure, they'll give little kids a fright, but they aren't run out of town on sight.

Actually, I wonder if changelings are something of a common occurrence at these kinds of events. I'm imagining the theme park attendant working at the Tunnel of Love shoo-ing changelings off of the roof.

But yes, I like the heavily implied idea that Cranky met that guy on his travels. Speaking of, surely there must be a 200K+ adventure epic about his quest already?

Bonus: Anyone notice he makes an adorable little buzzing sound?

That part blew my mind.

I'm fairly certain the undercover infiltration technique of "Sit on this chair adorably" would get you booted out of any infiltration academy and/or mail-order seminar.

And yet this guy made it work. Clearly we are dealing with a true master here.

I got to see this episode at MLP-MSP, with followup commentary by M. A. Larson himself. Turns out that the original script for the episode had it closing with a swarm of Changelings flying towards Ponyville. Hasbro axed this idea, citing it as too dark. So Larson changed it from "Changeling Invasion 2.0" to "Random Background Changeling, friend of Cranky". ...and yes, there were several shouts of "It's Doomie!" at that point. I was among them. :pinkiehappy:

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